amibroker debugging

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    optimiztion result and backtest not matching

    Hello, I have 4 parameters for optimization. When i did that i got 238%profit maximum. With same parameters in backtest it is showing 172% profit. and big questin is that .... when i put 0.1 percent brokrage to very trade for intraday only i got -97% loss. Please explain where i am...
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    Generate Buy signal once for each day

    Hello there, I have just started learning amibroker and was struck in this problem. I want to generate the Buy signal only "Once" in a day.How can we do that?? Please Help!!!
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    Help debugging simple AFL code

    Hi, Please help me debug following code. I am encountering error in 6th line when accessing the array Close beyond a certain index. The error encountered is following: Error 10. Array subscript out of range. You must not access array elements outside 0..(BarCount-1) range. You attempted...