1. P

    stochastic RSI afl same as

    Hi, seen stochastic rsi (14,14,3,3) in many codes from google for stochastic rsi afl but unable to find 1 which replicate same values as on stochRsi indicator. Can someone help with it. Regards, Paresh
  2. jash_kd

    I have made a new Buy Sell signal system, Plz test it

    Hi Friends, I have made a Auto Buy Sell Trading Signal System in Amibroker. Plz test my ATS and let me know if it is ok or need improvement.
  3. V

    Advance Get Meta Stock

    Hi Everyone, I have joined the forum and looking to get great advise regarding trading in equity future and option and Index. I am a Day Trader I have been actively trading for last one year, but have not made any profitable trade. How I came to this forum? I was looking for Technical...
  4. R

    MQ4 to AFL convert

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I have 7(seven) MQ4 files which needs to convert into Ambibroker(AFL). hOW TO CONVERT FROM METATRADER(mq4) TO AMBIBROKER(afl). Please help :)