1. Trikaal Capital

    NIFTY Futures & Options Positional, Algo Based

    Simple Buy Sell recommendations for Nifty futures and options for positional traders based on algorithms. It is NOT based on technical analysis as that is a subjective field. Aim is to help you with making money, not to teach you because making a robust and successful algo may need years. And...
  2. N

    Traders see big money in software-based trading

    Algorithmic trade accounts for a fifth of derivatives volumes on NSE. Algorithm trading, or programme trading, common in the US and Europe, has swiftly gained ground in India over the past year, as volumes picked up after the crunch. Algorithmic trading uses strategies that exploit...
  3. R

    Writing Mechanical Trading System

    Hi Guys, This is my first post, and i think you guys can help me. I am in process of writing a mechanical trading system in Java for day trading. I need following things Need a market access to send orders to exchange (via broker or something like screen scraping on icicidirect site) Need...