afl programming

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    Looking to connect with AFL programmer (Mumbai/Ahmadabad)

    Hello, I have been getting queries on converting strategies in to AFL via my network and need someone who has expertise in this area. I am looking to get connected with AFL programmer or Meta Programmer to partner. Please PM me or connect me on interactshah at gmail dot com. Kanak
  2. I

    Simple rsi based afl

    can someone please write the code in afl with the below conditions.. A buy signal should be generated when RSI crosses above 60 RSI>60 in anytime frame, by taking the smallest possible time frame ie M1 candle close value at that instance similarly a sell signal should be generated when RSI...
  3. S

    Need afl for effective strategy...

    hello friends, i have been searching for afl i needed. I got to know lots of concepts through this community. I need help, if any one can help me in creating afl. Strategy is:- TEMA crossovers for 3 and 9 periods along with CCI value. signal buy= 3 period TEMA is greater than 9...
  4. R

    Amibroker AFL developer, freelancer required

    Hi All Traderji Members, I am a trader and want to take services of freelance Amibroker AFL developers. Remuneration will be on the basis of project.
  5. L

    Help to put %hi/low beside the tradeline

    AFL programming Help Hi Everybody! I like to see the percentage of Hi/Low of a trend line of a zigzag. anyone could help. Bellow I put the afl code & the picture which can help you to understand the requirement. Thanks in forward. :) /* Zig-Hi-Zag-Lo To use to plot the true...
  6. M

    EMA Crossover system -- huge earning potential

    EMA Crossover system -- Simple yet very effective Hello Friends, I'm working on three EMA cross over system & my initial testing (back testing as well live testing) yielded me some fantastic returns. This makes me think why this can't be used be MFs or big institutes as it can easily...