afl collection

  1. M

    AFL Codding Help

    I have AFL which is working fine for crude oil. out of 10 trades, 8 trades are targets hitting. I have code for place orders auto trades. the auto trade code is working fine with other AFL codes but the problem is in below algorithm the BUY and SELL Boolean value is not giving to IF condition...
  2. P

    why this code not working

    Hi, Can you help me why below code not working & why? _SECTION_BEGIN("MAX Moving Avg broke"); n=0; function fun_name(C,LB ) { LB=IIf(IsNull(LB),1,LB) OR IIf(LB<=0,1,LB); R=ValueWhen(Cross(MA(C,LB),C),HHV(H,LB),1); result=IIf(C>=R,LB,0); return result; } for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ ) {...
  3. M

    Amibroker AFL for Trading

    Hi, anyone have Amibroker AFL for Pair Trading/Arbitrage Trading to NSE Scripts
  4. sudris

    The Grand AFL Collection Thread

    How about having a thread where users could find most/all of the AFLs posted in TJ? It would be just an attempt to bring all the scattered afls at one place. ;) If any such thread exists, kindly direct me there :)