advanced get

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    I am planning to buy advanced get in 10 days. Please help

    Hi Traders, I bought metastock software with ATM add on. 50 times in a day it hangs. Also not always rule based trading works. With few trades hitting stop loss, I decided to upgrade and found that Advanced Get is what which is left in the market. For 3 reasons I am keen on going for Advanced...
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    Advanced Get Live software

    How to get Advanced get live from Trade Tiger snap to excel.... Pls Help...For Free Data Feed Aditya
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    EFS file

    Dear Friends, I am looking for a EFS file which can tell me which stock broke previous swing high/low. The software I use is Advanced GET. Please let me know if anyone has this EFS file. Thank you, Rajesh
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    Hourly data for Advanced GET

    Hello Seniors, Can anyone help me to get hourly data for Advanced GET for free or at cheaper rate.