advanced get realtime

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    Hello everybody My name is Eduardo i'm from Brazil , have 1 year in trading , i use CCI Woodies and Murrey Math, I'm interested in get Advance Get Real time Data , if someone could help me i will apreciate very much. Thanks Obrigado Eduardo
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    Live Advance Get and Tradestation 2000i

    Hi, I have traderstation2000i and Advance GET Live. I want to make those software live with Indian Data from ODIN or other data source. I have read thread from JIGYASU ([email protected]) but i am unable to contact you as your mail is bouncing back . It would be great JIGYASU or any...
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    HI everyone

    Hello everyone I am new here and am interested in doing trading fulltime. Can some one guide me where can I get advanced get realtime s/w, am based out of delhi. Also is it possible to learn through such and other web based forums Regards Shadow