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    Nse Equity EOD Data Bhav Copy Files From 1995 to 2017

    Dear All, I have Uploaded NSE Equity Bhav Copy (CSV Files) and Amibroker Database (Data Imported) in Google Drive. NSE Equity Bhav files Available from 01-Jan-1995 to 31-Dec-2017. Download Link : (Available 4...
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    Bhavcopy for 2014/15 or old abcd Setup

    Does anyone have bhavcopy files for year 2014 and 2015. Kindly share it. I am looking for files in exact format in which NSE gives with following columns SYMBOL SERIES OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE LAST PREVCLOSE TOTTRDQTY TOTTRDVAL TIMESTAMP TOTALTRADES ISIN I dont want the amibroker format with...