1. S

    ABAN. Is it going to bounce back

    Submerged rig consisting of 20% revenue loss & then the panic selling put the stock to almost 50% minus. Do you feel will it again reach the 1600 levels, it has done before and staged a good bounce back.. I have some ABAN stocks & seriously having no idea of what to do with it ? Please advice
  2. D

    Positional trade:

    ABAN [email protected] SL640 TGT 795, JSPL [email protected] 635-650 SL666 TGT580, BAJAJ HIND [email protected] SL93 TGT115, PANTALOON [email protected] SL340 TGT397 - LMSPL @ 28th May 2010
  3. sdalal

    ABAN OFFSHORE- Rigging up the JIGS

    In the feb-march rally, the stock moved sideways, and find a resistance at 50% retrachment and recently brokedown the channel. But on friday it just moved upperside,find a resistance on channel line C.with both RSI and STOCH becoming positive, I think it will move upwards.Once it passes Line...
  4. saivenkat

    Educomp solution- is H&S REVERSAL

    Hello Is my observation correct? Is educomp heading for a fall? Apart from the H&S chart, as called by me :p i see that it has pierced the lower bollinger band. What does this suggest? Please share your views friends. Regards Saivenkat:)