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    Trading Challenge III : 300% in 5months. Attempt III.

    Last year I attempted to take on a challenge of making 300% in 5months. No wonder, I lost. But those times surely did teach me a lot about trading and more importantly about myself. Over last 1 year, even though I was absent from TraderJi, I kept moving forward from where I had left in terms of...
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    Trading Challenge II : 300% in 5 months

    Objective : Generate a profit of 300% in 20 weeks (5 months) Start Date : 16th August 2018 End Date : 31st December 2018 Starting Capital : 3L Target Capital : 12L Trading Style : Intraday (1min) with Positional (EOD) Trading Instrument : TATASTEEL, RELIANCE, BANKNIFTY current month future for...
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    Trading Challenge : My journey from 1.5Lakh to 6Lakh in 5months

    Objective : Make 4.5L (300%) profit from 1.5L trading capital by Sep 2018 My trading capital = 1.5L Target = 6L i.e. 300% return Start Time = 14 May 2018 End time = 30 Sep 2018 Trading Mode = Strictly Intraday Trading Instrument = NIFTY 50 CASH
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    TJ Dump

    Hello All, Swagat Nahi karoge hamara... ;)