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    Algo Trading Hurdles !

    Good day to all, Generally speaking, what are the most common hurdles seen in Indian industry in trading algo trading, I am aware many brokers are offering restful API for their trading connectivity which is up to end users to wire them with their choice of trading system for their...
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    Any one here having live account with BMFN - Boston Merchant Financials and are they reliable broker to work with good sized accounts? from India.
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    Starting own forex brokerage

    Hello Every one, If you are a potential investor to start own forex brokerage operations and have $ 500k investment size, i have a team to manage full operation with 10+ years of experience in managing entire setup professionally.
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    Forex Brokers (OTC Forex, Don't MIX up with Exchange traded INR based forex here

    Hello All, Can help me in finding a list of regionally active Forex brokerage operating in India, with branded physical office and local payment accepted, one of my friend want to invest a reasonable amount of money in forex market and he wish to fund only via a locally present broker with...
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    Forex Brokerage For Sale

    Hello, A complete brokerage set up with MT 4 , MT 4 mobile, MT 5, MT 4 bridge , connectivity with liquidity etc with a offshore regulation available for sales, interested can contact me via PM it need budget of 200k $ to 250 K $
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    First Charting MT 5 FREE????

    Hi All data of Indian market is available in First charting terminal for free from there demo account , just download below file and open demo account
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    Market Trend

    Hi all, I just got my MT 5 id from Firstcharting enabled for market trend custom indicator and break out level looks sharply strong and good enough across many symbols i tested any input from real user is appreciated...
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    Cheapest forex broker in India

    Hi, Which brokers in India offers cheapest forex brokerage for trading in international forex markets?
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    Are all ECN the real ECNs?

    Share your thoughts on brokers claims as ECN but are NOT and how do you identify the real ECN brokers;)
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    IEOD data NSE cash NSE Fututres, MCX, MCX-SX and NCDEX

    Hi all, Follow below G drive link to get NSE Cash since 2009 , NSE futures since 2009 and MCX , MCX-SX and NCDEX IEOD 1 min data
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    First Charting MT 5

    Now MT 5 is offered as Beta on MT 5 with all Indian markets Download , registered demo and enjoy
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    NEST Trading API

    Hi, Can some one enlight how do obtain NEST trading and data feed API to pass data from customized order flow system
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    NSE IEOD sample from 2009 1 min

    Hi, Is this data is of any help if we can get full NSE major symbols data as 1 min IEOD files?
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    Fund Managment LIVE Trades

    Hi all, Made 50% in a month approx in off exchange traded CFD Comex Traded account, if need live proof , contact me via PM for read only access to account that my trader managing and i can't give out direct password of account and need ammy admin or team viewer to punch password on...
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    HTML 5 Real Time Charts for Indian Markets

    Hi All, First Charting has launched beta version of HTML 5 web based charting with real time access to NSE and MCX
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    Trade Flasher - First Charting

    Hi all, I am going to post signals from First charting - Trade Flasher system here and using this as trading journal to trade MCX Copper and Crude Oil Trading on 15 Min time frame and only variation i am going to use is targets based on custom exits not based on system And to post...
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    Development of custom front end and OMS , RMS

    Dear Members, I wish to develop own custom front end and OMS, RMS solution to Indian markets, what are your advice's to me
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    Fetching Live Quotes And Feeding to Amibroker

    Hi Does any one can help me , how to fetch quotes from a website and feed it to amibroker , it have mcx live quotes in below link But i want to know how to feed it to amibroker for live free charts.
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    Data Feed Question

    Hi, When our trading exchanges are making millions of rupees in profits from their transaction charges and other charges to brokers, why they can't offer real time and historical data to trading public for free or at decent cost which is affordable by each traders? why they charging like 30...
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    RT Amibroker plugin for all Indian markets

    Just download this plugin and try it but it is not forever free and its from 1stcharting as some beta plugin offered Add this to plugin directory of your ami and connect it using default login in it and add symbols from ami plugin config...