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    Reg: IFCI

    :) Dear Traderji, What is the short term of IFCI - CMP Rs.108.50 - after todays news about bidding reg. stake sale around 90-100 ? Whether to sell now or wait for Rs.125 ? Thanks. ... Gopalakrishnan v :o
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    Query reg. GMDC

    :o Dear Friend, Please throw some light on GMDC (Guj Mineral Devt.Corpn). After split I bought it for Rs.601/- and find that day by day it is decreasing and quoting at Rs.499/-. What to do with it? Any chance of improvement? Thanks Gopalakrishnan v :mad:
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    Information reg. RPL and IDBI

    :)Hai Friends, I was told that 1. RPL will touch 290 within this year end and will not touch (come down to) 200 at all. 2. I D B I will touch 182 within this week. .. Any comments by the experts? thanks, Gopalakrishnan v;)
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    Greeting to all. I am gopalakrishnan v and newly joined the community. I am interested in day trading and invite suggessions. regards;)