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    Mobile Alerts

    Also forgot to add. As of now their email alerts facility is limited to just 10 stocks. You cannot monitor more than 10 stocks for free. Has any one had better luck ?
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    Mobile Alerts

    Reviving this thread. MoneyControl wants 900 / yr PER SCRIPT. Are there any Alternatives ?
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    I am looking for something similar. Looks like help is hard to find unless there is common greed between members. Moneycontrol offers SMS alerts - I find their prices stupidly expensive 900/year/ SCRIPT. So for 10 scripts - spend 9K !
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    Portfolio monitoring service

    Divali Greetings folks I am looking for an affordable service that will send me SMS or even Mobile phone notifications for fundamental change events. I have a rather large and varied portfolio. It should give me -- if stock is approaching 52 W H / L -- upcoming earnings events -- earnings...
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    commodity trading systems for MCX

    can someone pl share ( or IM ) me some strategies to Trade Silver ( MIC / Mini etc) in MCX. When to enter - when to exit. Safely in or out .I just got stumped with an ugly trade - cost me Rs 700+ what do you look at . what technical and fundamental indicators . I am looking for a simple trade...
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    International Metal Brokers charts to follow MCX trading

    MCX does not give real time graph of prices . e.g. Silver Mini. .It only gives instant prices. Silver market prices are global. My Question - is there a link you can share where I can see Silver Price CANDLESTICKS so I know whats going to happen to the market ?
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    Rules from the Masters

    A trend is a friend ...until it bends the very end
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    New NSE site does not give historical info

    I am looking for historical data for specific NIFTY option chains I could get it as a graph as well as Data from NSE's earlier website. ( NSE's new websites is totally FUed with no link's to any of these info. facets. Instead it has marketing info about its products ) NOW NSE's old...
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    Why this behavior ..put option should increase in value and not go down...

    Hi Deepakji Take a look at this. I got another 4900 option that I closed out earlier already, that I was giving example in . This 4800 is the typical one...
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    Why this behavior ..put option should increase in value and not go down...

    THanks a bunch ...Is spreading allowed with Brokers over here. Will brokers like RK Global and Zerodha - allow spreads - that means buy ( which is fine ) and sell ( how is that done ? and at the same time both legs have to be filled ) ....can you please shine some light here or is it there in...
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    Why this behavior ..put option should increase in value and not go down...

    Deepakji thanks for the observation. That was v useful. What intrigued me was the price action of the option. In a matter to 2 days the PE has gone DOWN when the price is falling......I could expect no price change ( status quo ) or slight increase ..maybe the time decay is acting > option...
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    Why this behavior ..put option should increase in value and not go down...

    I understand sir my option knowledge is squat and I took a sudden hunch. But is this time value decay that is over-riding the option value potential ? can you please explain a bit more ..and point me some places I shd look ( the math part ) Should I be only trading options that are close to...
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    PLS.HELP, where i can get nifty intraday live chart with TRIX indicator?

    TRIX is a momentum oscillator that displays the percent rate of change of a triple exponentially smoothed moving average.
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    PLS.HELP, where i can get nifty intraday live chart with TRIX indicator?

    NIFTY with indicators ? Not sure but u can get FREE RT nifty chart on nse. try google finance for indicator + nifty but I am not sure if it is RT
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    Why this behavior ..put option should increase in value and not go down...

    Hi Folks I am new in FNO at NSE. I got a put for some Rs5 . It expires in > 1 month ( Aug 11 put ) . Bought when NIFTY was like 5620. Y'day it traded in the range of Rs 6.3 -5 and y'day the NIFTY was ranging between 5600+ to < 5600. Today NIFTY is < 5600. So price has gone down but Put value...
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    made a 'Maruti 'but lost a Honda in commissions : any good broker out there ...?

    I took a dig and ICICIdirect's F&O and realized the HUGE cost of commissions at Rs 75 / Lot ( That is JUST COMMISSIONS ) other overheard yet to be accessed. So HOW can someone trade in options that are : <> Not expensive <> Whose Market lot # is less e.g. NIFTY when the commission catches...
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    Indian Stock Market webite that gives Fundamantals at a glance like Yahoo Finance

    Hi Folks Is there any information website that gives a Fundamentals Snapshot : e.g.Booked Profit EPS PBVR ( Bk value ) Dividend and Bonus info etc. Is there any resource online then pl email me the info sieger007 at the rate of gmail dot com
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    NRI Investing ....the rules and the players..need more info

    Hello Folks I am interested in opening an NRI Investment a/c. In that regard could someone please enlighten me on the following <> Are there brokers out there who offer commodity / FNO trading to NRI's at all ( - for a US based NRI - are you allowed to trade in the commodity market on a...
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    short selling equity futures : what is the exact risk

    Hi There was one question that has always bugged me regarding futures. When I am doing an unhedged Futures shorting for some company knowing that the price will fall down, then , in that case to my understanding this is selling a promissary note for something you don t have. What exactly...
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    How to get precise DIvidend Dates

    Hi Folks <>I wondered if there is any website link for BSE NSE or any other pvt company that will actually list the ex-dividend dates for all stocks for a particular yr. E.g. 2008 here are the ex-dividend dates. <> Also if I bought a script say in june 2008 and never got dividend how to I...