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    Well Know Option Strategies

    Well Known Option Strategies Well Known Option Strategies as below:
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    Trade Nifty Options Intra Day Using Hedging Principle

    Dear All, I am starting this new thread considering there are many viewers who want to trade options on intra day basis rather than Carry Forward basis. PreConditions for Nifty Options Intra Day: 1. You must have access for Low Borkerage account having brokerage including all taxes on...
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    Trade Nifty Options Using Open Interest

    Dear All, I am creating this new thread for all traders who want to earn decent returns of 10~15% per month of the total amount invested for trading. In my followup threads I will teach you how to trade nifty options using Open Interest which can be easily checked from
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    How to pay rest money for DLF IPO?

    I have applied for DLF IPO through partial payment mode for 150 shares and I have allocated complete 150 shares through HDFC SEC. Now i am confused how to pay rest amount so that shares can convert from Partialy paid to fully paid. I have heard that partial paid shares can be fully paid by...
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    Hi, I just come to know from secret sources that DLF will be lists at levels of 565-575 around 10% premium from its offer price. Those who like to book profits make an exit on Listing day around price band 560-590. And thosre who can hold for long term, then hold and double your money...
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    Can I apply in IPO both through ICICI Direct and HDFCSEC

    Hi All, I have nearly 20 lakhs of holding in my bank account! And I would like to play only IPO Game as more than 90% IPOS open with premium and even if u get 20% premium in just 21 days then its more than enough! Now question is can i apply for IPO both in ICICI DIRECT AND HDFC SEC as...
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    Star of Sugar Industry: Gayatri Sugars

    Hi, Today Gayatri Sugars shown tremendous volume of 8 millions, up by 16% Expected to touch 35 by this month end and expected to touch Rs 50 by march end. Investors are advised to make an entry in the stock at every level below Rs 27. Everyone looking bullish especially in this very...
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    Bull Run Expected After Diwali !!

    Hi All, Today I have seen very good increase in price of penny stocks. Some of the penny stocks that gained momentum during last bull run has shown good volume and at the same time increase in their respective prices. But chances are 50-50 !! Wishing every one good luck and lots of good...
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    Stocks To Buy Once Correction Phase Over !

    Dear Seniors, Since most of the stocks are at their 52 Weeks lowest level or fallen by very heavy margin after the crash that happened in market in this 3 weeks. Its time to keep an eye ( not buy ) on the stocks that can give good results once market stablizes and can give good results...
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    Market Under Panic!

    Hi All, As everyone knows Sensex is under correction from last 2 weeks and noone knows exactly where it going to get exact support. So I would like to request you all that be very cautious at this moment of trading phase. Even fundamentally very good stocks today fall by 5% to 10%...
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    Buy Buy Buy !!!!!

    Below mentioned Scrips following an uptrend, So Buy in bulk qualities and book profits by end of this month Company Name Last Traded Price % Gain / Loss Opening Price Todays Low Todays High Volume 52 Low 52 High TIMEX WATCHES LTD. (BSE INDONE 23.15 1.76 22.80 22.65 23.65 284170 10.56...