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    Kothari Pioneer Taxshield 95

    Thanks a ton.. Got the tel. nos. from Franklin Templeton's website & called them. Provided the old a/c no. they were able to locate the details of the account within minutes. They've mailed me the account statement too with all the relevant details. The name of Kothari Pioneer Taxshield 95 has...
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    Taurus The Newshare

    I have 1,000 units of Taurus The Newshare purchased on 4th Oct 1994. Would like to know the NAV for the same & would also like to know the redemption procedure of the fund..
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    Kothari Pioneer Taxshield 95

    I have 1000 shares of 'Kothari Pioneer Taxshield 95', purchased on 31/3/1995. Would like to know the current status of the scheme. What is the redemption procedure & whom do I contact for the redemption..??