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    nifty pe turning high

    hello today i checked the nifty level of 9th august 2016 and it was showing 23.82 also from this very forum a contributor of the forum had tabulated based on sensex history when there is a bubble i am attaching images to support for the nifty pe level one can look at the following...
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    please help me make a trading system

    hello please accept my warm wishes ! i want to make a trading system based on price action . the criteria for long and short is defined already however i am more interested in making a complete trading system . the system is mainly suitable for equities the time frame is eod . A long...
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    CODING REQUEST -- coding price action "nial fuller's "setup

    hello i am requesting coders to code following nial fuller's setups . the description of which is as under 1) Fakey Trading Strategy (Inside Bar False Break Out) ;- The Fakey pattern can be best be described as a “false-breakout from an inside bar pattern”. The Fakey pattern always...
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    coding request - price reversal patterns on candlestick as per ytc videos

    hello to all . i recently saw 9 of the 36 videos of ytc (lance beggs) on youtube on price bar reversals. since most of the traders are comfortable in candlesticks. i request the same to be coded in candlestick . this is not a complete tradeable system in itself so i request not to trade...
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    Please convert the following metastock formula in amibroker afl .

    HELLO I AM APPENDING METASTOCK FORMULAS PLEASE CONVERT THEM IN AMI AFL FORMULA 1 ---- DESCENDING TRIADS ----- m1:=h>Ref(h,-1) and l>ref(l,-1); m2:=h>ref(h,-2) and l>ref(l,-2)and h>ref(h,-1) and l<ref(l-1); m3:=h>ref(h,-3)and l<ref(l,-3)and h>ref(h,-2)and l<ref(l,-2)and h>ref(h,-1)and...
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    your views requested on trading with renko bars

    hello for a while i have been thinking of using renko bars. i tried a renko bar afl on amibroker with reasonably good data source . but it showed weird presentation of price. i even tried range bars in amibroker but they had some practicality issues . so i discussed with few of...
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    money management /position sizing for intraday trading

    hello i trade on 5 min tf . i have few queries 1) is it really feasible to scale up a winning position in intraday trading ? 2) what should be the minimum risk to reward ratio for intraday trading . suppose i trade sbi in intraday and my max loss per trade is say 500 rs. depending on...
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    help with amibroker

    hello i have downloaded several afl from market calls and they have buy sell arrows in them i track only 20 stocks and they are in my watch list . i want whenever a buy sell arrow comes in any of the stocks in my watch list a notification comes in real time. on intraday basis . further...
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    hello scalping system in easy language is attached Buy/Sell Rules LONG VOLATILITY If upsideVolatilityForecast > upperVolThrehold, buy at the market with wide PT and tight ST (long market...
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    can anyone explain the logic of this afl

    hello i am attaching an afl . i am not able to exactly decipher its logic . it is based on 3,15 ma and supertrend. the problem i m having is that i am not able to figure out when arrow signal comes. a friend of mine told me that arrow comes when ma crossover happens and the candle...
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    need data for nse cash fno , commodity and currency

    hello i trade mainly nse cash . ocassionally i also trade nf /bnf and crude and copper mini i need data from one source for all my needs. one provides 50 symbols for rs 500.00 but the quality of data is not good . so i need only one vendor . for equity...
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    any one have this afl

    hi does any one have this afl whose screen shot is attached please share rgds
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    popup signal

    hello i have an afl which gives buy /sell signal ( arrows ) i have 12 scripts in my favourites list .. i need that whenever arrow comes in any of my selected scripts a notification like a pop up ( with or with out sound ) shud come even i am writing a mail or surfing net further...
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    Excel based automation

    hi dear members to this forum please throw light on excel based automation . ( full automation ) share info on 1) brokers allowing for excel based automation . 2) algo solution providers 3) excel vs ami/mt4 for automation which is better ? advantages and disadvantages of using...
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    Requirement for trading system designer

    HI i need a trading system designer for my strategies . preference on amibroker or mt4 . i need professionals who can do work on a time bound basis . members please suggest any firms designing trading systems in your knowledge . interested developers may also pm me regards sumit
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    any amibroker users in alwar rajasthan.

    Hi Any amibroker users in alwar do contact me. Just send a pm
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    dear friends i found a new software while searching . MATLABS going to its site did not lead me to anything want to know what is its use in trading . any forum member using it please share ur views about it , pricing etc . and usefulness is trading regards sumit
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    amibroker vs mt4 for charting

    hello forum members please highlight the difference between amibroker and mt4 the pros and cons of each , the scope of automation , customization , overall features and future trend in developed markets best regards
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    List of mt4 vendors in india

    hello i have compiled a list of mt4 vendors ( charting platform ) for nse , mcx etc . they provide s/w with data 1) 2) 3) 4) members please add to the list and share ur experience . demo is available for...
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    Automated /algo trading for retail traders

    hi i am in the last few weeks searching abt automated /algo trading and came across 2 companies 1) symphony 2) omnesys symphony which has fullyautomated version charges around 7500.00 per month omnesys have a software named pulse which charges 125.00 per month . omnesys has a...