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    Yahoo Intraday data issues for the last 4-5 trading days ?

    Hi, Anyone else facing Yahoo Finance RT data issues ? the prices dont seem real-time and there also seems to be an issue with time-stamps on their last traded time. Anyone else facing Yahoo Finance RT data issues ? [ Im logged into YF, with "keep me signed in" etc ticked, so its not any...
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    Harmonic Scanner [need to modify the exploration report] Thanks

    Hey Seniors, Attached herewith pls find a harmonic pattern scanner [works well @ Amibroker 5.3x] However id like to modify the report to include additional columns, ive been running in circles between Googling C++ and Amibroker AFL help but given my German is better than my AFL i havnt had...
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    Need help with "dn = DateNum();"

    Hi, From : The following code exports AB Database to ASCII with any TF of choice, however the dates are in the YYMMDD format which would be much better in the standard YYYYMMDD format. Im sure...
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    How to control Intraday database size (Solved)

    To start with, ive been looking for a way to delete earliest intraday data to reduce the size of my intraday database. Found none, stopped looking... However, Amibroker has an inbuilt method of restricting the size of your database, and it works like magic. Heres how : Tools > Preferences...
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    Need AFL for price range in displayed area.

    Hi, Am looking for an AFL that would return the Max and Min prices in the displayed region of the chart. Thanks
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    Pattern Trading [Actual trading, not educational]

    Hi, What this thread is NOT : This is not an eductional thread, ie if you dont already trade / recognize patterns, this is not the thread you would be looking for, however you could go to Thats the one i know...
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    Yahoo Finance Issues (last 3-4 days) ?

    Hi, I use an Excel sheet to get / distribute data from Yahoo Finance. For the last 3-4 days its been acting funny, every 3rd or 4th update gets very wierd figures, as shown below : Normal updates are as given under. Anyone else getting wierd updates every now and then ?
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    Does anyone watch price action ???

    Dear Seniors, Im a firm believe in price action, almost detest indicator-dependent TA. Half the world seems to use RSI etc as gospel. [Is the price in a band all the time with its swing-period = yr RSI period ? ... aagh!!!!] Is there any forum / thread where TA is done in exclusion of...
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    Stock Split [Historical data] source ?

    Hi, Is there any historical data maintained anywhere for stock splits and bonus shares ? For example, as the list given under... STOCK, DATE, SPLIT RATIO [for 'Bonuse' shares, calculated split ratio is used] BAJAJ-AUTO,2010-09-08,2 DABUR,2010-09-08,2 KOTAKBANK,2010-09-13,2...
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    Google query string ? (Yahoo posted)

    Hi, Teach a man to fish..... unfortunately we're given fish ie.. free RT quote softwares, the only downside of it is, we miss out on knowledge that helps us do things more customised for ourselves, most of the 'free' sheet providers keep their macros locked, thank you very much. After much...
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    Add pivot lines to FCharts (screenshot attached)

    Pivot lines to FCharts.rar h cc p : / / replace cc with tt replace xxx with www Adds Pivot lines : R3 R2 R1 Pivot line S1 S2 S3 to Fcharts. In the 'Bhavcopy' sheet, paste Bhavcopy entries for "EQ" only, ie equities.
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    Real market elliot waves (upcoming and done)

    What this thread is about : Markets do follow elliotts, not all counts are clear, dump the ones which are not, stick to the ones which are. What you get is excellent investment positions. 1. Got questions, pls post them, im no expert on elliotts, but i hope this thread would attract some...
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    Need Simple stock-specific Price alert AFL with msg and sound

    I get my trendline values for next day from an excel sheet. ie. Trendline data copied from metastock to Excel using Macro Express 2000 (its a breeze, single hotkey press). This needs to be done only once when you initially set the alert, for subsequent days, it calculates the trendline value...
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    Amibroker / How do i : Price Alert

    Hi, Im new to Amibroker, and use it for its excellent response time to imports (FCharts gives errors if imports are made every 2-3 seconds, Amibroker has my respect). How do i set price alerts for price going above or below a certain price.. eg If ABAN goes above 1200 then issue an...
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    HOW: RT Text(csv) -to-> Amibroker auto feed ?

    Hi, What i have : ----------- Software that outputs repeatedly (every 3 seconds) RT quotes to a csv file in the format : ^NSEI, 12-18-2009, 05:08:54, 5600.7, 0 What i need to know : ------------------- How to setup an Amibroker database that imports thise files and updates RT data...
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    Excel to Amibroker - DDE concept and implimentation

    Finally it worked. Heres how : http : / /ww w . 4 s ha r ed(dot)com/file/161098016/9b5a688a/DDE_Configuration_for_Amibroke.html (MS word document format) http : / /ww w . 4 s ha r ed(dot)com/file/161098022/b71aff50/DDE_Configuration_for_Amibroke.html (same thing in Open...
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    Hi :)

    Hi, HOW I GOT HERE : Been guided to this forum a zillion times on Google Searches, finally decided to register. TRADING EXPERIENCE : Been trading for about 5 months now, only recently in futures. New to trading. I trade for a living, gave up job to trade. TRADING PHILOSOPHIES ...