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  1. Redhunter

    Have You Got A Trading Addiction?

    Dependence, trade depends on psychological factors and emotionality of a person.
  2. Redhunter

    suggest brokerage firm for unlimited trading plan

    In any case, you need to clarify and look at options that may be interesting.
  3. Redhunter

    Supply and Demand Strategy

    Indeed, this is so and trading according to such a strategy and has certain advantages.
  4. Redhunter

    Forex trading

    First you need to go through training, choose a good broker, and you can already start trading well with him, and I know that Amarkets has a good service and thanks to which you can reach the professional level without having good experience.
  5. Redhunter

    How to improve my trading

    You need to move on to more complex strategies when you already have good experience and good results.