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  1. Obelixtrader

    3-Indian bourses to stop licensing index, stock prices to foreign exchanges would I be interested in whether the owners of the NSE, BSE and MSEI exchanges smoked marijuana. Before this plan they should...
  2. Obelixtrader

    Ninjatrader 8

    Hi I have problem . NT8 was officialy released its not in Beta. I have subscripted data feed from NSE for USDINR by Interactive Brokers. when i am connected to NT7 everything is working perfect no problems occured(chart ,data traded price is correct) but when i am connected to NT8 there are...
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    NSE and SGX to launch the world’s first offshore Indian sector futures

    Mumbai/Singapore: India Index Services & Products Limited (IISL), a National Stock Exchange (NSE) group company, and Singapore Exchange (SGX) today announced their intention to introduce futures on Indian sector-specific index futures on SGX. This is the first time that derivatives on Indian...
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    Single stock futures on DGCX

    Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) from 15.01.2016 start to offer SSF on 10 indian stocks and on 5 US stocks. see attachment for contract specifications DGCX also plan to bring more MARKET MAKERS they...
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    DGCX exchange new USD/INR QUANTO futures contract

    DGCX exchange will begin to offer trading on 5 june with new currency futures contract on INR. it will be not inverse INR/USD but standart USD/INR QUANTO futures csh settled contract...
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    european broker will offer soon NSE equity

    Hi, I read that Degiro broker from Holland will offer very soon equity trading on NSE of India for retail . They told me that from clients is very high demand for trading on NSE of India. I hope soon Interactivebrokers will offer also trading equity for retail on NSE of India.I hope to the end...
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    Esignal-data access MCX-SX tick by tick data problem

    Hi, I have subscribed esignal data access only with MCX-SX currency futures. But I am not sure if these data are tick by tick. Today volume 410649 I set the volumecharts to 1000 and I should have 410 bars I put on screen BarNumbers indicator and have only 138 bars missed 272 bars. number of...
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    volatility INR/USD(SGX) against USD/INR (MCX)

    Hi, I would like to know why the volatility is not the same today on SGX INR/USD- High-161.00 Low-159,28. volatility-172 ticks toady on MCX USD/INR 304 High-62,81 Low-62,05. volatility- 304 ticks
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    Nifty futures trading to expensive

    I was thinking about trading for NSE through interactive brokers but when I miscalculated the trading costs so I remained in shock. 1 lot nifty futures index value 5400 contract value 270000 INR /IB) commission =< 50 crore 0,012% 32,40INR only by 1 leg they dont charge by closing if you...