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    Commodity Renko charts

    Hi Members, Please help me find a charting platform where I can get renko charts for commodities. My focus is on copper. Thanks all.
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    nseindia to Amibroker

    Hi Members, Please help me plot IV data for call and put in amibroker. I want the data to be pulled up from Thanks...
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    Quarterly Results: NSE stock futures

    Hi Members, I am starting a thread indicating the dates of Quarterly Results of NSE Stock Futures (only). please mention the dates of forthcoming quarterly results and related analysis. please feel free to drop in your comments and suggestions -Aman
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    Franchiese enquiry

    Hi Members, I am planning to take a franchise from a broker. Please advise which shall I go with. I am looking for the one which is not asking for any deposit and has the best brokerage plan. Thanks all. Aman
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    Nifty auto refreshing Excel sheet to Amibroker - Help Needed

    Hi Member, I have an excel sheet that fetches Call Put data from nifty every one minute. That is auto refreshing. I want to plot OI of a current strike price in one chart in amibroker. Please guide. Thanks Aman
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    Plotting foreign symbol - AFL HELP NEEDED

    Hi seniors, I am able to plot 2 symbols in one chart using the formula: PlotForeign( "JUSTDIAL-I", "JUSTDIAL", colorRed, styleBar ); -------- Please help me plot the average of prices of both the symbols. 2 symbols ploted in my chart are: HDFC-I & JUSTDIAL-I How shall I plot...
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    Plotting foreign symbol

    Plotting foreign symbol - HELP NEEDED Hi seniors, I am able to plot 2 symbols in one chart using the formula: PlotForeign( "JUSTDIAL-I", "JUSTDIAL", colorRed, styleBar ); -------- Please help me plot the average of prices of both the symbols. 2 symbols ploted in my chart are...
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    Best Data Provider - NSE Cash Segment

    Hi all, I searched net and could not find any authorized data provider for Nse Cash segment for amibroker. The only and expensive one is esignal. approx Rs. 7000+ per month. I found the below providers. If anyone has experienced them, please drop in your comments. Lets figure out the best out...
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    Nifty & Bank Nifty Cash - Amibroker

    Hi members, Is there any way I can get Nifty & Bank Nifty cash Real Time charting in amibroker. I can get futures from globaldatafeeds. But they dont provide cash charts. Thax all, aman.
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    Excel Copying

    Hi All, I have attached an auto refreshing excel sheet of HCL tech. I am able to get the max volume using MAX formula. I want to copy the related strike price where max volume falls for CALL & PUT. Max volume in call put change on every refresh, so cannot use simple copy paste. please help...
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    Excel Sheet - Correction

    hi all, I am attaching an excel sheet which pull up the real time data from nifty about options. This is a hcltech options chain data sheet. I want all the cells displaying "-" to changed to 0 automatically. the sheet is auto refreshing, if I change it manually, they again change...
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    my Real Time Trade Diary - Check here

    I will be posting trades on real time basis.. Lets c how it performs. Comments/Suggestions r welcome.....
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    Hi All, I want to create a website will daily buy sell levels. Also want to post charts like and Since the charts in both the above websites are exactly same, there seems to be a common source for both. Can anyone tell me where can I get these charts on my...
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    Website Developer Required - where to post

    Hi Admins, I am looking for a website developer for my trading system. What section shall I post my requirements in? Please guide. Thax.
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    Website Developer Required

    Hi All, I am looking for a website developer who can create a stock market trading website for me. Please post your numbers suggestions and feedback. People around delhi preferred. Thanks all.
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    Excel 2007 - Need help with conditional formatting

    Hi members, I am trying to apply conditional formatting to an excel sheet in excel 2007, but not successful. please help. 1. When column A says BUY to corresponding cell in column D should remain +ve number. 2. 1. When column A says SELL to corresponding cell in column D should...
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    Excel Sheet - Options

    Hi All, I am search an excel sheet that can pull up options data from Please advise if such an excel sheet be formed that can pull such data automatically or at a single click. I want to include Nifty and all stocks having options. Screenshot Example: Thanks mates.....
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    CALL PUT movement based on FUTURE OR CASH

    Hi all members, Is CALL PUT options movement based on Cash price or Futures Price. What shall I keep a track of Nifty Futures or Nifty Cash when buying CALL / PUT. Thanks all, aman
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    Need AFL writer for my custom code

    Hi Members, Please suggest some Professional AFL writers for my custom strategy. I understand, good things come at a price. Thanks all.
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    Nifty Stocks Futures Trading

    Please drop in your live calls here. I will also try: