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    nifty pe turning high

    hello today i checked the nifty level of 9th august 2016 and it was showing 23.82 also from this very forum a contributor of the forum had tabulated based on sensex history when there is a bubble i am attaching images to support for the nifty pe level one can look at the following...
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    Upstox - RKSV - Trade in Rs 20 Max

    Dear rksv Does upstox have renko or kagi charts . Since only with tick data + nt 7 is the only current option
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    List of mt4 vendors in india

    Thanks for sharing views
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    Would Zerodha Pi going to compete with Ambibroker ?

    They could have ventured in bracket orders and other such innovative features in trade management they chose to compete on charting and all .
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    Latest method of trading

    You can try Drummond geometry too.
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    Renko Trading With Energy Band

    hi just a small query 1) which sw are you using for plotting renko . 2) which data vendor and data feed are u using for plotting renko . tick or normal 3) plain vanila renko looks better to me .they are more ap pealing to me . (observation ) rgds sumit
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    Self Help & Misc. Instresting Stuff.

    Too gracious on both's part ! I have never seen such maturity very often . Esp in the online world ! Ego says only I am right respect ) says you may be right in ur own way and I may be in my own way let's agree to disagree . We have seen ppl stooping to low levels in debates which...
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    Simple Strategy that works

    yet to formulate the strategy in terms of scaling up , profit booking , sl and marking support and resistance !
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    Simple Strategy that works

    a similar strategy i suggested in one of my threads but the diff is we compare today's close with previous day high /low . that will reduce number of trades and will make us trade less!!!
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    please help me make a trading system

    since i am looking at the daily chart pdh /pdl/low/hod is not relevant where the price refuses to move further after a buy /sell entry can be defined as supp or resistance.
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    please help me make a trading system

    entry is defined already for long and shorts . sl and targets can be done with ease based on a thumb rule or by previous candle lows . more imp is scaling up and defining support and resistance. at this stage let the system be defined and then the coding aspect can be looked at...
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    please help me make a trading system

    thanks bunti for replying before this thread goes to oblivion however my main objective was on other paramters of making the system like sl , scaling up profit booking and plotting resistance and support ! coding although required is still not on the immediate priority .once i get...
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    please help me make a trading system

    hello more than 100 views and no replies. kindly share your insights ! with warm regrds sumit
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    please help me make a trading system

    hello please accept my warm wishes ! i want to make a trading system based on price action . the criteria for long and short is defined already however i am more interested in making a complete trading system . the system is mainly suitable for equities the time frame is eod . A long...
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    Renko chart trading

    what abt tick data or data from gdfl will do ?
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    Renko chart trading

    hello i tried renko but intead of commenting on their effectiveness i had an issue of plotting them. i tried diff data vendors but none of them could plot renko effectively as a result the renko started giving weird results . when i digged further as to how to plot renko properly...
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    Where to file a complaint against Geojit

    Consumer court or sebi is the way to go . You can file a complaint with sebi and if they don't respond file an rti application seeking the status of application with sebi itself .
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    Investment by Sensex PE Ratio. Excellent Returns

    the nifty /sensex pe levels are very interesting and worth considering . also one must also look into account into the prevailing bank fd /nsc interests . if the current bank fd interest dives significantly from currently say from 8-8.5 to 6 levels we can consider investing in nifty...
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    Two candle strategy

    hello the strategy seems good esp for tf of 15 minutes above . it gives concurrent signals and its very simple and easy to understand . rgds sumit
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    Investment by Sensex PE Ratio. Excellent Returns

    hello , dont fall into trap of low pe companies . individual scrips can remain depressed for a very very long period of time before delisting etc . howver when an index such nifty 50 such figures cannot be fudged .therefore what works for nifty might not work for individual scripts . also...