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  1. arjundas

    Do you believe in Secret trading strategies

    Hi Traders , The reason why I am posting this thread in the equity segment is just because of the hope on the continuity of this thread . I am thinking to update about my current trading style and live trades here going forward. You might be wondering what is the connection with the header ...
  2. arjundas

    Help Needed on back testing a strategy

    Good day Traders , Hope everyone doing good . I am back in India and yes the passion never changes . I would really appreciate if somebody can help me in solving the below mentioned isssue . I need help in automating a strategy. I wish if my trading software takes the instructions from the...
  3. arjundas

    Das trading diary

    Hi Friends , happy to see evryones Trading diary. today onwards i would like to post all my trades. and this is a continuation of my old thread which was about trading only on one stock.. so please take a look into this and review on the same.. expecting expert advices.. Thanks :-) :thumb:
  4. arjundas

    Trading academy

    Hi friends i have a doubt which is about starting a new Trading Academy . can any one tell me what are the things required...? i mean any license kind of things ..? please reply for this.
  5. arjundas

    Pride's strategy

    hi dear Traders , Anyone can help me to get pride's strategy AFL please . replay please. Regards Arjun
  6. arjundas

    Only one stock

    hi Traders..., i am an intraday trader. in equity cash market only. i am just thinking to trade only on one stock....on which i am concentrating for a long time. whats your openion on this ? i have been following this stock for a long time and i am little confident on the trades what i am...
  7. arjundas

    chart please....

    hi guys...some one please tell me a free charting software or a live chart site wer i can get candlestick chart for NSE,F&O thanks :)
  8. arjundas

    please help me dear friends..

    hi... i am new to traderji..happy to join and learn from this. i have been in market from past 9 months...and i lost around 3 lacks in market. i have tried MCX , NCDEX . but couldn't do well. currently trading in options. one advisory company was giving me tips but because of them also i...
  9. arjundas

    hi evrybody

    i am new to this forum.... nice to join in this group. happy trading days evryone. :)