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  1. Trade_Artist

    Is anyone trading Saint's intraday miniflow mehod?

    Hi Recently I was going through Saints intraday miniflow and wondered if anyone is trading the same. I backtested it for one stock for one year, and it gave me a hitrate of 50%, although Cumulative profits were good. It looks kind of difficult to trade in realtime with that low a hitrate...
  2. Trade_Artist

    Daytrading percentage returns

    For traders who have been daytrading for greater than a year, what are you yearly returns? Please vote. .. Senior traders, please reply in comments that How much returns should be expected practically.
  3. Trade_Artist

    Risk Reward doubt

    Hi all Presently I am dong some backtesting. And I keep reading discussions regarding risk reward since I understand it is a very important and keep an eye on it. Generally when senior traders on TJ discuss RR, is it after you have deducted equivalent points that are gone in form on...
  4. Trade_Artist

    One Lot Trader

    Reading threads of senior traders here, I realize that adding aggressively to a trade that has started moving in your direction is very important. Now, I want to ask, if a person has capital for 1 lot only after keeping a risk buffer (aggravated by the fact that lot size has increased in this...
  5. Trade_Artist

    Day Traders' Routine

    I want to ask all the experienced day traders here, that what is the daily routine they follow? Since this is a profession different from all others, and is solitary work by nature, how do you spend the rest of the day before market open and after market close. Sleeping, waking up schedule...
  6. Trade_Artist

    Trading Futures: Indices Vs Individual Stocks

    To all the traders out there trading in futures segment, what is your preference for trade? Indices like NIFTY, BANKNIFTY or individual stocks? Please give reasons for the preference if possible.