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  1. v'nod47

    Put Call Ratio

    Hello Traders, I want to know where can I get overall market put call ratio [money wise and open interest wise] on nse website.
  2. v'nod47

    Inherited stocks, gold, money,silver are exempt from income-tax.

    Hello, After so many days I am posting in this forum. Today, it came to my notice that government of india put restrictions on the stock of gold, an individual, mothers and daughters can keep in their home. But all the inherited gold, silver, money, cash, mutual funds and properties are...
  3. v'nod47

    Complaint against Unitech ltd.

    Hi, I have lodged a complaint against UNITECH Ltd. for non- payment of interest for the last two quarters on MCA.GOV.IN WEBSITE.My SRN(COMPLAINT NUMBER) on MCA.GOV.IN is C66361023. Ministry of Corporate Affairs is not taking severe action against the company.Company is not responding to me...
  4. v'nod47

    Where would be headed nifty in oct 2015 series?

    Hi Members, Expiry of Oct series is on 29-10-2015.Since last one month Nifty is closing below 8000. Obviously trend is down. ADX is strengthening it. MACD is in negative territory. EMAs are also showing similar trend. I think if nifty crosses 8000-8050 zone, buying will emerge into the...
  5. v'nod47

    will nifty cross 9000 in this month?

    Hi, what is your point estimation or interval estimation about nifty in this month?
  6. v'nod47

    Nifty in april 2015 series

    Hi traders, I would buy PE at 8650 strike price for Rs.80.50(Today's close)and sell two CE at 8850 strike price for Rs.56.75(Today's close) Happy Trading,
  7. v'nod47

    Complaint against Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd.

    Hi, I have lodged a complaint against Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd. for non- payment of interest for the dec 2014 quarter on MCA.GOV.IN WEBSITE.If again March,2015 quarter interest cheque get dishonoured,how shall I recover the interest, principal amount with damages, delayed...
  8. v'nod47

    Arbitrage Opportunity

    Hi Traders, Suppose current stock price is Rs.90, exercise price is Rs.100,annual compound interest is 5%,Rs.1 is the dividend at the next instant and quoted put price for the 1 year option is Rs.6.What would be arbitrage opportunity here and your arbitrage strategy if (a)Option is...
  9. v'nod47

    Helios and Matheson information technology ltd.

    Hi Members, I have invested in the fixed deposit of Helios & Matheson information technology ltd. The company has not paid interest for the last quarter ended 31-12-2014 on the aforesaid fixed deposit. When I made a enquiry with my broker, he informed me that company is facing some...
  10. v'nod47

    Strategy for bank nifty(expiry26-2-2015)

    Hi traders, Today bank nifty @ strike price 18900, was closed at Rs.368.80.And bank nifty @strike price 19300 was closed at Rs.406.85 So I woud sell one PE @18900 for Rs.368 and two CE @19300 for Rs.406.85. Net credit:Rs.1182.5 Breakeven 1=17717.5 Breakeven 2=19891.25 Happy trading:)
  11. v'nod47

    Option trading strategy for nifty

    Hi traders, Today last traded price of PE(nifty) for current month expiry was Rs.97.25 at 8650 strike price. And last traded price of CE(nifty) at 9100 strike price for current month expiry was Rs.50.20 So i would sell one PE(nifty) at strike price 8650 for current month expiry...
  12. v'nod47

    Trading strategy for banknifty

    Hi traders, Bank nifty closed today at 18528.35.Banknifty futures are being traded at 18670.05 with premium of 141.70 points.Today's close price of call and put option at 18500 strike price for the current month expiry were Rs.534.30 and Rs.350 respectively. So my strategy is to sell call...
  13. v'nod47

    Trading strategy for nifty for jan 2015 series F&O

    Hi traders, On Friday 26-12-2014, nifty closed at 8200.70 higher by 26.6 points. So my strategy would be to sell CE at 8100 strike price for Rs.241.25 for 29 Jan,2015, expiry.And buy CE @ 8550 strike price for Rs.33.60 for 29 Jan 2015 expiry. If nifty falls or remains below...
  14. v'nod47

    Trading strategy for nifty

    Hi traders, Today also nifty fell by 37.8 points and closed at 8029.80.Nifty put option is being traded at Rs.58.8 and nifty call option at Rs.108.95. Nifty future was closed at 8053.95.My strategy would be to sell call option of 8000 strike price at Rs.108.95 and buy put...
  15. v'nod47

    Option strategy for infosys

    Hi traders, Call option price of Infosys is trading at Rs.57.95 for strike price Rs.4200 expiry and Put option price is trading at Rs,40.30 for strike price Rs.4200. My strategy would be to buy put at Rs.40.3 of this month's expiry and sell call at Rs.57.95 of this month's expiry and buy...
  16. v'nod47

    where would nifty go in the oct,2014 series?

    hi traders, Nifty is showing weakness.But i think its buying opportunity.Accumulation and distribution line is still strengthening upward trend intact.MACD has gone into -ive territory, but it can bounce back anytime. Slow stochastics is still above 20,strengthening upward trend.Once nifty...
  17. v'nod47

    relation between hospital and patient

    hi traders, 'Patient is the king of hospital 'true or false ?
  18. v'nod47

    Where would nifty go in this Sept, 2014series?

    Hi traders, This is an opportunity for traders to buy on dips. Market short térm uptrend is still intact. Short-Term MACD is in positive area. Market isn't showing signs of distributions frequently. Nifty can go beyond 8300 level. Nifty's support is 8700.happy trading
  19. v'nod47

    First year budget of BJP goverment era

    Hi traders, What would be tax deductions, tax reforms, tax incentives, tax surcharge, discounts, taxes on short term and long term capital gains, capital losses, amendments to company law, rules in regard to corporate governance in the new budget are to be seen. Then only post-budget...
  20. v'nod47

    Where would be headed nifty in June series?

    Hi traders, Monsoon's arrival is awaited. Nifty would be traded between 7650-7100 during June 2014 series. Happy Trading,