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    Please Help to make afl on these two scan

    Dear all, it would be a great help if you please make or share these two afl. thanks in advance. here images of two separate scan but attached together.
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    AFL for scanning when candlestick touches 0% and 100% level of Fibonacci retracement

    Dear moderator and my good friends. it would be a great help for me if i get the above said afl. Thanks in advance.
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    AFL for scan hammer candlestick

    Dear respected experts and other members. it will be a great help for me if you please share the afl for scanning hammer candlestick. thanks in advance.
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    Scan AFL for MACD cross over

    Dear experts and all. i need an afl for scanning stock by MACD cross over. Thanks in advance.
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    Indicators for right time entry as well as exit

    Dear all good morning. Hope you are doing well. I am nasir from Bangladesh. In my country our stock get mature after 3 days. In this scenario, i want to know from you expert guys about the indicators which will be good to give entry as well as exit. Looking for your assistance. Thanks and...
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    AFL for scan - corss over of RSI(5)

    Dear all good evening. I need your help regarding the scan AFL. Please share the AFL for RSI(5) cross over of 20 as well as 80 level. Thanks and regards.
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    AFL require for scanning stock

    Dear brother i need the following afl for scan: 1. stochastic crossing in oversold area. 2. bullish reversal candlesticks 3. stock in accumulation state if any. Thanks in advance.
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    Senior and Experts Please help

    Dear senior and experts Good evening. I am from Bangladesh and I am using Amibroker for TA. Please share your views for selecting a good stock. What is your consideration /parameter/ indicators to find out and select a profitable stock. You know in my country we need 3 days to get the stock...
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    volume scan afl

    pl share volume scan afl which should show highest volume stock to lowest volume sotck. thanks and regards.
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    AFL needed for bullish reversal candle

    dear seniors and experts. please share the afl for scan or to explore bullish reversal candles thanks in advance.
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    Scan for stochastic overbought and oversold line

    dear all. pl share the afl for scan or explore to find out stock crossing above the stochastic oversold line as well as overbought line. thanks and regards.
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    Need help about GMMA

    Dear admin senior and all. I need the AFL to identify the candle location by scan when the slower moving averages getting constricted and after opening up getting bend. Pl help. Thanks and regards.
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    Need the AFL pl

    Dear admin and all, i m sending a chart with a indicator. it will be a great help for me if i get the AFL to identify the ellipse marked candle location by scan. PL help. thanks and regards.
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    How to scan by particular indicator?

    Dear all good day. hope u all r fine and doing well. i m from bangladesh. i m learning TA and using AB. Is there any means to know the time of cross over a particular indicator to its signal line by a command scan? For example, Trix is going up and crossing O line. By this i can see how many...
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    Stochastic RSI and Slow stochastic

    Dear all i need these two afl. hope to get your help. thanks in advance.
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    3 Days trading guidance

    Dear admin and all friend. i m nasir from bangladesh. here in my country we have 3days trading. please help me how to be a good technical analyst. really i want to learn technical analysis. i already read various Candlsticks. hope i shall get details guideline from u all. thanks in advance.
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    Need your help

    Dear admin and all. Presently i m using Amibroker 5.3 for my country (Bangladesh). i want to learn about TA in more details specially charts and indicators for becoming a good and stable trader. please help me in this regards.
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    Support, Resistance and Trend AFL

    Dear xperts and members. I need some AFL if u have please share. 1. support and resistance AFL for giving accurate information. 2. Trend AFL which show the trend of price movement. Thanks in advance.
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    how to learn technical analysis for Bangladesh stock market?

    dear moderator and friends good evening. i m from Bangladesh. i want to learn TA. please help me where from and how to start. i think your valuable suggestion will help me. thanks in advance.
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    AFL for triangle chart pattern and channels(up&down)

    dear all good day. i need the AFL of triangle chart pattern(ascending, descending and symmetrical ) as well as channels (up and down ) with writing of break out and break down. thanks in advance.