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  1. icytrader

    Required: Finvasia Nest setup version 3.14 upto only x86

    Could anyone please share any older version of finvasia Nest trader. I would like to test version 3.14 upto not the latest I am having too many issues with the latest version and want to see if the older ones were well behaved. Any help will be appreciated. X86 version only...
  2. icytrader

    Elliot Wave - TD D wave - need help converting from MQ4 to AFL

    Hi guys, I am trying to convert this MQ4 code for Demark's elliott wave into Amibroker afl code. At the moment, I am fairing miserably. I'll post the code here. Any help will be appreciated. If I can complete the code, I'll share it here as expected on the forum...