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    Using foreign income to trade foreign markets

    I earn part of my income by working for a foreign company in USD. Looking for suggestions on the best way to directly use USD funds to trade Foreign Markets, without having to first remit it back to India in INR and then remitting it back to a foreign broker via Skrill, etc.
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    NIFTY order got triggered on Saturday?

    I was testing the zerodha order placement system as I just opened an account with them. I placed an order at Market for NIFTY futures thinking that I could just cancel it as I had been able to do that for other equity futures. But the order got triggered! I then got out at market for a loss...
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    Relative Strength on Chartink

    Does anybody know how to create a formula for Relative Strength on Chartink? Their Filter field has RSI, but not Relative Strength.
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    Is 5Paisa and Tradestation combination best?

    I am looking for a discount broker that also provides a great trading platform. I have tried Zerodha and Fyers but am not satisfied with their web and desktop platforms. Specifically, I am looking for good scanners. Neither of their scanners are up to the mark and very limited. Also, their...
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    Which broker has the best scanners?

    I need intra day equity FNO scanners. Could someone suggest some good options?
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    Brokers that provide Footprint Chart

    Are there any brokers that provide footprint charts as part of their free trading platform?
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    US Based Trader - seeking advice

    Hi - I am currently based in the US and trading US Equity Index Futures. Due to visa issues, I will have to leave the country by the end of the year. I am seeking input from you regarding the following: 1. It appears that India does not allow individuals to trade international futures. I have...