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    Can i trade the s&p emini futures from india without funding from ind?

    If I have a company in the US that is doing all of its business entirely in US, can I use profits so attained in order to trade the eminis? Am aware that its illegal to send money outside India to conduct leveraged trading of any kind because that would be in violation of FEMA rules. In my case...
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    Is it possible to increase amibroker bar replay speed beyond 5?

    amibroker has a cool bar replay feature that can come in very handy for practice trading. But the max speed allowed is 5. is there any unofficial hack/tweak that can be made to the registry to jack it up? am asking this cause i have already tweaked the maximum no. of candles per database bumping...
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    need realtime datafeed from nest to mt4

    it seems possible to push data from nest to mt4.... see this if the above is not feasible, does anyone know how to feed mt4 from amibroker? i.e. push from ami to mt4?(have already managed to get data from nest to ami using tracerbullet's utility and josh utility)
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    theres this webpage which claims tht its possible to feed mt4 from nest trader

    guys i came across this webpage: this seems to be a way to connect nest to mt4......of course only for charting purposes, not for execution. its not possible to use EAs and all tht. unfortunately the core...
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    esignal users........does esignal provide histor ieod data for stock,index options?

    i know many will point out that its a question meant for esignal support. actually i already tried asking them, but their response was ambiguous and i felt the support rep was saying something just for the heck of it. so if any esignal user comes across this question, please answer it. am a...
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    esignal users........does esignal provide histor ieod data for stock,index options?

    sorry for posting the thread in the wrong section..... sorry for posting in the wrong am deleting the question pls accept my sincerest apologies mods.. am reposting it in the software section
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    Is trading zincmini on mcx significantly more riskier than other commodities?

    in one of his posts, tamil trader says that he'll give calls for gold,silver,crude... but not zinc coz its highly risky: but i have not found it to be especially risky. i found his post when...
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    Is it somehow possible to download this flash based futures price chart? almost everyone must be familiar with the ieod...