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    Changes in ITR Forms 2017-18

    This year in IT filing the Codes for "Nature of Business" have changed, I wanted to reconfirm the code for: 1) Income from Derivatives Trading (Business Income) and 2) Income from Intraday Equity Trading (Speculative Income) I visited Zerodha Varsity site and found the below response from...
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    NEST Trader login is extremely slow

    I have recently downloaded NEST Trader version 3.14.4. And now I find that it takes a lot of time to login. It takes almost 3 minutes to login to NT. Till 40% loading it works fine but then it takes 3 minutes from there. I tested with different ISPs but same result. Also in the download window...
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    Advantages of Squaring LONG OTM Options at Expiry

    I have observed that on the expiry day, Nifty OTM Options are squared of at Rs. 0.05 (i.e. 5 paise, which is the lowest possible price for any Option). There are a very huge quantity of order book and also trades at Rs. 0.05 that happen for all OTM options, Puts or Calls post 3:15 pm on expiry...
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    Today unable to connect to NEST Trader - Upstox and Zerodha

    Today on Jio wifi I am unable to connect to NEST Trader both for Upstox and Zerodha. is anyone facing this problem with Jio? If yes, any resolution is available or no. With other ISP the connection is working fine for both the brokers.
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    ISP compliance notice

    One of my colleague has received the below mail from his ISP for his home connection. He does not trade at all. However, since the below notice from his ISP mentions about Tele Trading, I got curious as to whether this applies to people trading the stock markets. Maybe this may apply to traders...
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    Weekly Bank Nifty Options strategy

    Bank nifty options have been introduced since last few months and are very liquid. I haven't traded options strategies other than some speculative naked buying of calls or puts in nifty sometimes. But all those were purely lottery types of trades and were not something that I would like to do as...
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    DJIA futures swing trading

    Anybody trading DJIA futures on NSE? Will it be better to use such index futures for swing trading, holding for 2-3 days or a week or so.
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    Unconventional ways of identifying market moves

    What are unconventional ways of identifying market moves, something between fundamental analysis and technical analysis. This is not event or news based identification but something like after a big move on a Thursday, the market may take a breather on Friday and just stay put. Or just because...