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    Personal Finance Advice

    I am thinking of re-planning my personal finance as it has been drastically affected by this pandemic. What should be my ideal approach between and investment balance between fixed investment instruments and variable investment instruments like a mutual fund and stocks? Can you suggest the best...
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    Which banks has the best banking facilities with Zero Balance Savings Account?

    There are many banks offering zero balance savings account and are promising quick services like Kotak, DBS Digibank, HDFC Banks InstaAccount. Which one of worth opening from a long term perspective.
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    Which are the top mutual fund recommended in 2020 to start SIP of 1000?

    Below are the funds for short term investment.... - ICICI Prudential Ultra Short Term Fund - PGIM India Ultra Short Term Fund - Aditya Birla Sun Life Savings Fund - SBI Magnum Ultra Short Duration - TATA ultra short fund
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    Which Banks App is best for investing in the mutual fund?

    There are multiple apps for investing in the mutual funds and I wanted to know the most preferred app for investing in the mutual fund.... Please suggest...
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    what is your advice for a beginner?

    My advice for the beginners would be that they should firstly take knowledge by reading case studies, news, history, its functioning and observe the market for a while how it is working and the right time to hit... Every information to brush up our knowledge is available online on youtube...
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    Are Mutual Funds Really Worth a Risk for Long Term?

    I have been investing in the mutual fund from a long term perspective and certainly, there is a question with everyone on the mind that we should further trust the market of not....? But this kind of situation of world economy behind hampered has happened in 2007-2008 but the market has...