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    Two data feeds on same computer

    As far as i know, Neotrade is not esignal based whereas True and GDFL are. Get a trial of Neo.
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    Crude Oil Trading

    how many points brokerage with them for crude
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    @zerodha 1. is it possible to save data from within pi in .czv or txt format as i want to import the sam into Ami. 2. I feel problematic in scrolling thru the chart. Can you make scrolling thru the chart using scrolling mouse button? OR atleast have a scroll bar on the chart. Actually you shud...
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    Ieod mcx crude

    anyone ?
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    Crude Oil Trading

    anyone can share mcx crude IEOD for the period backwards of JAN16 only if you have authorised datafeeder data
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    Ieod mcx crude

    Can someone share IEOD 1min data for mcx crude only if you subscribe to official datafeeder bcoz the data is more accurate with them
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    Order Flow and volume profile trading

    Free tick data is impossible. You can go for truedata datafeeder for tick data. Take trial and check
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    Falcon 7 VS Pi - Discrepancy in 1 min NIFTY spot and future chart

    I think no, standalone datafeeders/softwares catch almost all ticks. If it all they dont, still the standalone ones are the best ones and much better than the trading terminals. If it all you use the authorised datafeeder or bundled softwares, dont worry, use them.
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    Does anyone have a review for trading course?

    of course you can join, its your's anyways :)
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    Datafeed Vendor Comparison

    i am interested in this to feed it into amibroker. PM me details
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    MCX realtime datafeed

    actually lookinr for a cheaper alternative to gdfl.
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    MCX realtime datafeed

    Any mcx realtime official datafeed other than globaldatafeeds?
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    An Excellent Trick Named as Star Bar Trick

    if it hits sl first, its gone case immaterial of what it does after
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    ieod tick data for crude

    has anyone got IEOD TICK data for mcx crude ? Any idea where can i get atleast one month data
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    is crosshair there in pi ?
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    Upstox - RKSV - Trade in Rs 20 Max

    Bad. They shud have knowledgeable reps . Who gives a Trial and error support like this?
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    Unusual spikes in Nifty future volume

    9:44, 10:15, 12:03 in Nifty future 1min have unusual volume spikes which dont match with the options volume. The 1203 spike is very unusual. I use neotrade datafeeder and crosschecked with Kite charts, they show the same. Can someone look into this.
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    Datafeed Vendor Comparison

    Have you checked Truedata. The last time i checked , they supported tick charts , not sure if they catch all ticks
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    Instead of this "Can you PM ur client ID, we will call u immediately." responses, why dont you respond right here. WHat is that you tell the victim that we should not know? Nuclear codes? :annoyed: