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    Code needed for this Buy Sell AFL

    Hi Expert Coder of Traderji, I have come across this Buy Sell Indicator on U Tube. Looks nice. He has posted a lot of videos on this AFL on U Tube. Charges are very high for a lifetime subcription. Request seniors who could share the AFL code for this indicator. Pics are attached below. i m...
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    Need AFL code for this !

    Hi Senior Coders, I found this afl images on a website . name is t i p s y s t e m. i n . he is selling this for 25k per quarter . just posted few images below , no idea about anything, but he claims his system beats all odds. plz help so everyone can use it the afl he claims it...
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    Need AFL for EMA Cross over Daily by Intraday

    Hi Seniors and Others, I use Amibroker with 5 /15 mins intraday data . I need the following . 1. Plotting of EMA 15 ( 5 mins time frame ) 2. Plotting of EMA 12 ( Daily time frame... it is constant ) 3. Cross over buy and sell signal of the above I tried plotting the above ...
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    Hi Seniors and others, I require to plot Weekly HIGH and LOW on Amibroker. Please require any seniors to post the afl for the above. Thanks in advance , Regards, Kumar
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    Need a AFL for this new software.... based on KEYSTOCKS...

    Hi Seniors, Just came across this new software in the market. i think this software is called keystocks which i found in this forum a long time back. Now found this new software developed by someone.. but it is based on the same platform itself.. FOund this software to be quite...
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    Need Help for Previous Day AVG Price AFL

    Hi Seniors , I need a AFL code for the previous Day AVERAGE PRICE . Waiting for your help. Thanks in Advance Regards, Kumar
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    Need to Plot ATP ( Average Traded Price ) on the Graph

    Hi Seniors and Members , Need help of the above topic i.e., AFL needed for ATP price to be plotted on the graph . Also need Buy and Sell signal with ATP price ... If price closes above ATP price its a BUY . and.. If price closes below ATP price its a SELL .. Thanks in...
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    Need Exploration for the below AFL

    Hi Everyone , i have given the AFL below , its a simple EMA crossover . i have got the buy/sell signals from this forum itself. And i have helpfull to all who helped me . Just require a exploration code i.e., i need a alert output when ever a buy/sell signal is generated. Thank...
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    Need Message Board for the Below AFL strategy

    Hi Seniors /Everyone . This is a simple EMA cross over strategy from Mr. Rajendran website . I need a message board which displays EMA Strategy 5 mins . Buy call generated xxx mins ago Buy @ xxx Stoploss @ xxxx Current P/l xxxx Along with this need EMA Strategy 15 mins and EMA...
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    Need Buy/Sell Values for this AFL

    Hi Seniors and all AFL coders .. Need help on the below AFL . This is a simple AFL 14 days EMA crossover by 206 days ema . Got this AFL frm a well know site of Rajendra . Buy and Sell arrows are visible .. But i need values to attached for those signals...Like Buy at xyz price .. and...
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    Require LiveSignal AFL... Can Anyone help me..

    I found this online.. And they are selling this AFL for very high monthly charges. They own the same website and selling via L I V e s I g n a l . I So thought if all seniors and other eminent people can help get the AFL code for this one. I have also attached the picture for better...