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    Alice blue option calculator

    Hi friends; Anyone using alice blue account for trading here? gone thru their website option calculator margin... Dont understand how much margin required to sell 1 lot nifty option under MIS... they have mentioned margin required and alice margin....which one s needed for MIS order
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    intraday transaction tax

    is there any transaction tax (like stt on trading in nse and bse) on trading in mcx commodities like gold and silver intraday?if yes then howmuch?
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    golden rules for trading thru gannstuff

    1)download the excel sheet gann stuff posted by our member praveen pious here 2)always trade the breakouts..that means long above the highs and short below the lows of the day for eg=if nifty day...
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    nifty index support 5348

    daily chart suggests nifty support at the low made on august 31 that is at 5348.90 from whre tha market jus took off like a rocket ending in green for 11 trading sessions out of 14 my suggestion to all swing and position traders wait for the index to retrace atleast by 78% from its...
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    charts in odin diet

    how to view ohlc of each bars in charts of odin diet terminal?
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    when i should have exited my short on 18/10/2010

    hello friends,i follow our own memeber veluri1967 30 min breakout ploicy for intraday trading..according to his automated excel sheet for nifty futures it gave sell below 6033.15(that is the first half hour low) for a target of...
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    charts in odin diet 9105

    hello friends m using odin diet 9105 version..having problems with charts to view the values(open high low close) of each 1 minute bar?awaiting reply
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    odin diet/tradetiger to iphone

    can v download odin diet or sharekhan tradetiger to iphone and trade thru it?
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    average nifty future profit points using adget indicators

    hello adget users,heard and read many threads regarding advanced get indicators like xtl,get oscillator,make or break{mob},i want to ask how many points average u guys make by using these indicators in a month..s there risk reward?n short is it worth buying it for 2.5lakhs?heard viratech guys...
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    optidx intraday chart

    hello friends,is there any website provide intraday chart of nse optidx with its premium plotted on provide charts with underlying vs contract not the premium..please reply
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    ftkmc jobbing training

    fianancial technologies provide training in jobbing and spread work in equity as wellas commodities market..they teach techniques and strategies for intraday trading..please visit
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    short selling

    can i sell a stock in cash market and buy the same in futures?do i get 7 days for the same to cover in cash segment?please read the followingb article
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    [email protected] [email protected]

    hello members i know that it is possible to buy @nse and sell @bse or vice versa for intraday trading.but is it necessary v have to square it up at the end of day?for eg i i bought 1000 [email protected] FORM NSE AND SOLD IT @40.15 in i need to cover these 1000shares in bse?thanx please reply
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    trade tiger help

    helo friends i just installed to modify technical study macd histogram so that its the same as in in modify study they ask these things. avg type avg period long type long period short type short...
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    macd histogram in trade tiger

    hello friends.m using tradetiger for trading.what r the macd histogram parameters they use in and website?i want to use the same parameters in tradetiger.what should i give in short and long period boxes?please reply.i view usually 1 min chart.
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    RMO for non f&o stocks

    hello friends,mr.sudhir gupta a member of this forum has developed afl for RMO.does this formula work for stocks which r not there in f&o.because in metastock,rmo works only for f&o stocks.thanx please reply.also can somebody please an intraday chart with rmo[if it works for non f&o stocks...
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    intraday chart in ohlc form

    which online brokers provide intraday chart in tick ohlc form.howz trade tiger from sharekhan?thanx
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    pattern recognition software

    chart pattern recognition freakers check out these sites
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    pib data to quoteracker

    hello friends,i have downloaded a software called needs realtime supports data from indiabulls,hdfc which everyone know.they also support data from moneypore, walletwatch.i havent heard of these 2.i contacted indiabulls for the same.the sales representatives told me u have...
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    boom in subex

    hello guys waz cookin this scrip subex.did it make any pattern?almost up by 40%in3 trading days.technical analysts please post the chart with trendlines and target.did any software give buy signalfor this scrip>