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  1. rajeabc

    How to do this in EXCEL/VBA

    I want to create few worksheets within a workbook. Taking the names from a column in main sheet and creating sheets and renaming them. Please have a look on snap below for better clarity on what I need. Please help . Thanks a lot.
  2. rajeabc

    Intraday and Positional Calls

    Nothing special. Just thought to put all my msg here. My Setup : Stoch(8,4,3) , RSI(9) , Volume , EMAs(5,15,50) I have not invented these just trying to know how to use these technical parameters. Please feel free to provide you feedback.
  3. rajeabc

    How to incorporate Alert in AFL

    Hi , Is it possible to get a pop up window alert whenever there is a cross over of SMA(20) and SMA(50).. in 1 min Timeframe.. I want to run this only for selected stocks or say on a watch list. Please help me.. Thanks
  4. rajeabc

    Tata Motors with bearish Trned

    today rise was just a short cover rally. in last three days it fell more than 10% so people did not want to lose their gain.. From PC data it looks like it may touch 1000 and upper side is capped at 1150 Uploaded with
  5. rajeabc

    MultiFrame: Stoch

    Hi , Can some one please share AFL stoch(8,4,3) for 30 mins period on 5 mins chart. Thanks
  6. rajeabc

    Tax on ESOP

    Please advise me.. One of my Friend has TM ESOP @ 85 . Now she wants to exercise per ESOP but she has few doubts which I could not answer. 1: I can understand that she will have to pay Fringe Benefit tax @ 30% on (CMP-ESOP Price) 2: My Query is , Will she has to pay capital gain tax as well if...
  7. rajeabc

    Multi baggers

    Ganesh Poly: Company process PET wastebottles to get Cheap raw materials .Has got great expansion plan in next 2-3 months.. better buy to double you money in 3-4 mon...Till now it was not in lime light. Today came in news at CNBC . have look at presentation by Ashish Chug ...
  8. rajeabc

    Reliance Com Value after spin off

    What would be the RCOM value after tower business sell off ? =RCOM-RELINFRATEL+GTL ?
  9. rajeabc

    Ketan Parekh still active in over a dozen stocks!

    The government has received reports that tainted stock broker Ketan Parekh, barred from the capital markets till 2017 over a securities scam, is still active and has taken positions in oil PSUs like ONGC and HPCL. Ketan Parekh, who was banned for his role in a securities scam between 1999 and...
  10. rajeabc

    Potential multi baggers in Growing Sectors

    Micro Finance: SE Investment Capital Trust Arman Financial Have a look on these companies and please do your own research before you invest.
  11. rajeabc

    RIL plunges 20% in freak trade

    Any lucky person on this forum to catch reliance at 840 ? MUMBAI: The BSE index plunged over 600 points, when shares of the most valued firm RIL tanked 20 per cent due to a faux pas over ICICI Bank share quotation. Shares of RIL finally settled at Rs 1,011.55, down 3.21 per cent on the...
  12. rajeabc

    ABAN Offshore : Savant Sir Advice Pls

    Hello Savant Sir , Do you see its right time to start accumulating ABAN for long term ? Thanks
  13. rajeabc

    what could be NTPC FPO price band ?

    what could be NTPC FPO price band ? any news
  14. rajeabc

    Dividing chart area

    Is it possible to divide chart area,say in three part, and plot different things in different part with single AFL.I am looking for some thing as below. ------------------------- plot price , MA ------------------------- Plot Volume ------------------------- PLot RSI...
  15. rajeabc

    List of Companies in Education sector

    Hi , I am looking for a list of companies in education sector and are invovled in govt's sarva shiksha abhiyan ICTprogram. Thanks
  16. rajeabc

    how to adjust price after Bonus/split in Amibroker

    how to adjust price after Bonus in Amibroker. I want to adjust for Reliance chart. thanks in adv
  17. rajeabc

    Title's text color

    Hi , Can some senior please guide me to change texts color in title . I am attaching a file ,which show what I am looking for . Please let me know. IT would be a great help. Thanks in adv.
  18. rajeabc

    view on camson pls

    Hi , Should I hold or sell this stock at current level ? I am sitting at 80% profit.
  19. rajeabc

    Pls view on Alps Industries and Himatsingka Seide

    PLease let me know future of these two stocks. I stuck in these last year.
  20. rajeabc

    When to sell a stock ? at 100% profit or or time frame ?

    Hi , I would like to know view of senior investor on how to build a portfolio in current market. When to sell a stock ? Should it be based on % of profit or on time frame ? I have few shares which are giving 50-100 % profit in last 3 months . But I am sure that these will give much more in...