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    Automatic suspend trading activity for particular time period ready to pay Fees

    hello friends , i am day trader . i want to limit my loss for particular day . like todays my maximum loss limit 2000 rs . once my loss limit hit in a day , then my trading suspend for next 2 hour . i am looking cummulative loss it means loss in a one trade or 10 trade. amount matter in...
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    @Tejas Khoday , request to add CPR in your platform ,lot of people using CPR these days . please add ASAP
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    How much do you REALLY make trading

    @ varun ji , welcome back .....If possible start new start with OBV. I am always silent reader of this forum . i like your post most of time
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    AFL Trainer Required. Work from home 15000-35000 PM 1-2 hours per day. Any time

    want to learn amibroker from scartch , where to start ? from zero
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    Lets meet mumbai

    I invite all senior member for meet . On this platform lot of senior member here with silent or no comment mode. @bharatmangukia ,@Snake.Head , , @jamit_05 ,@rajesh.singh , @oilman , @monkeybusiness , i am not mention all name here , please come all senior We fix date which is public...
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    Lets meet mumbai
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    yes, tell me what i do for you

    yes, tell me what i do for you
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    General Trading Chat

    thank you ST DA thanks a lot Can i wait for deep or start investing from this level ?
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    General Trading Chat

    @ ST da as stable goverment is formed now , then next 5 year next for investment purpose. for long term as 5 year horizon which stock i accumulate for my portfoilo? could you throw some light which stock is better for long term perspective , ( as last 5 year you suggest HDFC twin , bajaj...
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    Small profits , high trades , is it sustainable for long term ?

    The concept you are talking is called jobbing . High trades with small profit and loss. we trades on this concept , we trades daily 200-500 trades daily without chart, only basis of best 5 buy/sell window. it is simple term , ENter in trades , if it comes to loss cut it , if it runs to profit...
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    @Tejas Khoday , Why not add REPLAY tool in tradingview platform , it will help trader for practice historical price movement. Please add it
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    (MCX Comedy..Errr. Commodity) - How to Fake your Trade

    90 points gone in crude , WTF
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    My Crude Oil Intra diary

    @ nuravji thank you , thanks a lot sir
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    My Crude Oil Intra diary

    @ nuravji , thank you , thanks a lot . i set my chart as per your setting . thank you for your help . i am totally new to system . i dont know how to use this system . what is basic rule of this system . Where to buy on chart , not understand .... i means kaunse se indicator ko dekhake...
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    My Crude Oil Intra diary

    @ nurav ji can we use your strategy in simple chart (without amibroker) ? i have zerodha kite and sharekhan TT software . could you please help me to set indicator/ parameter setting with normal charts , please thanks
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    Internet requirement for intraday trading

    there is one permanent solution of your problem is lease line . Our office use 4 mbps and 20 mbps lease line , its costly for individual ( You find any partner for sharing cost ), but its worth and not facing disconnection problem . If you are from mumbai and around western line then it will...
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    My System - My trades.

    @ all senior and user of varunji OBV method . i am try to adapt this method . facing some problem . Problem is that , When Price and OBV are around 200 and36 ema and Price and OBV break it both side simultanously. In that situation how to handle ? there is always confusion on that time . How...
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    its nice , till yet i am happy :)

    its nice , till yet i am happy :)
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    (MCX Comedy..Errr. Commodity) - How to Fake your Trade

    symphony for indian mkt and fxpro for cfd
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    (MCX Comedy..Errr. Commodity) - How to Fake your Trade

    @ Tuna bhai If you are decided commodity as a silver , why not choose as CFD mkt for your trading. There is lots of Robo software with minimal cost and you also twick them as your own requirement with lowest slippage . Its only free suggestion , its callled free kaa gyaan c***na. :)