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    Android Free Calculators useful for trading

    Pivottrading Multi-Calculator (9 calcultaors in one single app) 1. Breakout Calculator 2. Advanced Camarilla Calculator 3. Gann Square of Nine Calculator 4. Advanced Gann Square Of Nine Calculator 5. Pivot Point...
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    Intraday Trading Calculators on Android Mobile

    For all those who use smart phones and wish to use intraday trading calculators on move, here is a consolidated app with all the important trading calculators. Below calculators are suported in this app 1. Pivot...
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    Mobile Trading Calculators

    Hi, Here are few trading calculators that you can use on your android phone. Breakout Calculator Advanced Camarilla Calculator
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    How to trade intraday using Volatiltiy

    This is extract copied from one of the books In any stock market, the prices of any underlying are subject to change based on various market...
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    API/code for ODIN

    Hi, Can anyone please share how can i place a buy/sell or cancel order to ODIN terminal using VB, VB.NET/C++/C#. or even may be using excel macros. If possible please paste here the code fragment that does it.
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    Nifty Equity Commodity Swing Trader

    Download link :
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    Nifty Swing Trader

    This one gives messages for swing and intraday trading.
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    Realtime Pivot Points and Camarilla Levels for NSE stocks

    Realtime Pivot Points for NSE Scrips Realtime Camarilla Levels for NSE Scrips
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    List of free Desktop Calculator Tools

    Retracement Calculator Pivot Point Calculator Advanced Retracement Calculator...
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    Free Desktop Calculators

    Retracement Calculator Pivot Point Calculator Advanced Retracement Calculator...
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    Realtime Intraday Equity Trend Finder

    This is readymade thing available at
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    Nifty Robot

    Hi, I came across this system. Looks good after using for last 2-3 days
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    Intraday Trading Using Elliot Wave

    Nifty Futures Profit for 15th April 2011. Elliot Wave Method As per the elliot wave method, below calls were generated. Go Short at / below 5947.6. Stoploss at 5953.54. Target 1 is 5825.88. Go Short at / below 5901.11. Stoploss at 5953.54. Target 2 is 5805.4. As per the above...
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    Elliot Wave Intraday Calculator - Analysis for 3rd Feb

    xxxxxxxxxxxx 3rd Feb 2011 recommendation were Go Long at / above 5421.7. Keep Stoploss at 5416.27. Target 1 is 5455.43. Go Long at / above 5434.59. Keep Stoploss at 5416.27. Target 2 is 5477.5. Go Long at / above 5450.92. Keep Stoploss at 5434.59. Target 3 is 5505.49. All Targets achieved...
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    Buy these 3 scrips for more than 10% retunr in 1 week

    Buy Bajaj Auto xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Buy LT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Buy RelInfra xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Realtime Stock Price Alert System with sound play

    Hi All, Just want to share a small utility but very useful utlity during live market. The system allows you to track live prices of 10 scrips (from NSE) of your choice. The system allows you to set your high and low price alert. Once the LTP crosses this alert, you will get textual alert...
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    Intraday Trading using Elliot Wave

    Nifty Futures Profit for 16th September 2010. Elliot Wave Trading Below calls were given for today 16th September. Recommendation Go Short at / below 5875. Stoploss at 5880.87. Target 1 is 5835.44. Go Short at / below 5859.89. Stoploss at 5880.87. Target 2 is 5828.79. As per above...
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    Breakout Method - Scalping Intraday Method

    Hi, I would be posting here a simple way but little complex way of intraday trading. This method is called as Breakout Method ( i name it as breakout. you may name it whatever u like ) The inspiration for this method has been taken from 2652 method. However, the method that will be...
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    Intraday Trading Using Gann Calculator

    Hi All, In the next 10 post, i will be explaining how to use Gann Calculator and how to trade intraday based on this calculator. I browsed through this forum for Gann Calculator and found many articles wrote on it. As a normal individual, i was not able to understand any of them. After...
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    Live Charts for Commodities

    Does anyone here know any website that provides live charts for commodities. I only know one But i need some more websites which can provide live charts. Please help.