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    Which stocks are fundamentally good in NSE

    I am new in world of trading, kindly help me in this regard
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    What are some intraday stratergies

    I am new in world of trading, kindly help me in this regard
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    What is the technical analysis in commodity trading

    Want to explore about stock and commodity market
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    What is intraday trading ?

    I am newbie in world of trading. Want to explore world of stock and commodity market
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    What are traders looking for?

    I always recommended to learn how to trade themselves? And Dear RITIKA , it's right " Trading is a lot about personal make up and preference. "
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    Crude oil prices ease in Asia ahead of major market holidays, 26 May 2014

    Crude Oil prices down in Asia on Monday before a holiday in the U.S. and in London markets also closed. Crude oil is at a height of 5 weeks. Strong of the rupee against the dollar is today. MCX crude oil slipped nearly 0.5 per cent has come down to Rs 6,100. Natural gas prices are down 0.1...
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    Beginners guide to trading commodities in India

    Dear friends, NIce publications you have share about MCX trading, but I have share some basis guide for newbie traders, they don't know anything about MCX trading.. you can read better guidance here:
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    Global gold, silver mine production set to reach record highs in 2014

    Global gold and silver mining production is set to reach record high levels in 2014, says a report. International goldmine delivery continued to expand in 2013, reaching a new high of 96.7 Moz (over 4 per cent on year), says that gold and silver mining Focus Metals Report 2014, a precious metals...
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    Trading strategies for FOREX trading

    Dear your suggest trading strategies, sound like good, thanks for sharing.. (y)
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    how to trade in ncdex ?

    First you should know More About NCDEX market trading, I suggest to you visit NCDEX main website or get there "Frequently Asked Questions of Ncdex"
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    Forex broker india

    Dear,,,you should firstly read this post before, get any FX broker in India....
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    Which Online Platform Should I Use for Equity Trading? - Newbie

    I'm not 100% sure but , you advice to use eSignal for Equity or Stocls Trading ONline.
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    MCX Nickel, Copper prices rise on firming supply demand

    On MCX Nickel and copper futures prices rose by Rs 2 per kg in the local commodity market today, market traders said sentiment turned better after Nickel rose in global markets on concern that the supply would not meet demand this year. Nickel prices have been rising again today on MCX, with...
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    Want to trade in commocities

    Nitin, All my friends saying right, but It's not easy to understand the basics or any fundamentals about MCX market. Yes, you can get each and every information about mcx trading in Google search but can not better understand how to better predict the market conditions. So it's my best...
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    commodity tips provider in India?

    Great Mr. MANISH_DAMANI I'm totally agree with your advice but a professional trader much more better make trade in commodity than a experienced or a newbie. Because no one can 100% accurate predict commodity futues prices or market conditions.
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    Investment in Nifty

    BTW,Vnod, After Poll results, Nifty may see the level 0f 8000.
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    How will you invested during this election season?

    Trading investing, When it comes to the stock markets during election season, not easy to trade like a professional day trader. If you've any wondering investing strategy this bull plans to use this election season, please you share here with us.
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    Sharing the trading technique

    Great Satyajit. Thanks for post thread and sharing trading technique.
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    Hello all dears, Ritika from New Delhi, India. I'm working @ as a Marketing manager.
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    new registration

    Hello Dear,, nice to here you....