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  1. Blackhole

    My Notes

    My Notes from different thread/sites or sources related to technical analysis or fundamental analysis / trading investments. My improved trading by
  2. Blackhole

    TrADing dAIry / Funded acC / cOMbINE hELP

    hI! this thread will be used to document my trading performance(combine) and general help - chit chat related to the same. Platform Ninja trader or Esignal. This is open thread anybody can post his /her views/trades or experience on the same. Thanks
  3. Blackhole

    Lovely Chit Chats

    He Rode On A Cycle From India To Sweden To See His Wife! The story of Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin looks like every a Bollywood potboiler, except it’s real. In this cruel world of instant makeout and instant breakups, this love story will reinstate hope in true...
  4. Blackhole

    Which Strategy / System / Indicators Gives U consistent Results

    Notice :::: Please Consider Mix of few trading system(trading in more accounts) as NR setups or Gann Angles Well, I already said that i Started off as a gambler, even today i take some tukka trades and get paid good.....Do Not Ask how much I looose?:rofl:...... My loosing reasons were many...
  5. Blackhole

    Books That Changed You

    Books that changed me as a trader I started off as a Gambler! Market is my teacher, very costly and many would vouch for that. Learned from many forums,blogs but certainly apart from market many books changed my perspective and made me aware about reality. Now i can differentiate MYth...
  6. Blackhole

    Best Stock market Movie

    :)Please vote your favorite alltime stockmarket movie and reasons for it. Its not allowing me to edit poll. I wanted it as a multiple choice and wanted to change few movies like Freakonomics Barbarians at the Gate (1993) ARbitrage....richard gere, susan sarandon Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)...
  7. Blackhole

    Best Option Strategy for multiple markets

    Well we all traded Options and earning with simple Buy-sell of Options gives pleasure but soon happiness is taken away by loses. hmmm.. Read ,paper traded and traded many option strategies. My opinion playing with strategies can give consistent linear results with some exceptions. Do not know...
  8. Blackhole

    BankNifty PUTs & CALLs

    Explanation of the post Edit : This thread was started by Columbus, but later in merging two posts somehow the thread starter's name changed to Blackhole. Credit to Columbus please. In BANKNIFTY the open interest is low, rather very low compared to Nifty. In nifty OPEN INTEREST used to...