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  1. Mavala

    Zerodha RMS Failure

    Here is what happened with me. I had open long position of 975 NF at approx 10500 with 450,000 account balance on Friday when nifty tanked in last half an hour. I had margin call as my account balance felt way below than required. Zerodha allowed me to carry that position of 975 with approx...
  2. Mavala

    CA needed in Pune

    Can anyone please PM me the reference of CA located in pune who is expert in F&O business audits. I have received scrutiny notice for last year IT return and need someone to handle my case and audit of this year.
  3. Mavala

    NF log

    Putting up intraday trades for my learning purpose only
  4. Mavala

    Mavala's Journey

    I am going to maintain my trading diary from new financial year. I will be trading nifty future primarily. My intial capital is 9L and my planned risk per trade is 1-1.5 %. I would appreciate feedback,suggestions from seniors which can improve my trading performance.