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    Trading challenge - 1 to 2

    Hi everybody, This challenge is to double the money this quarter (OCT 2018 to DEC 2018). The system is an automated system based on this thread. Details Starting Capital - 130000 Leverage - 5 Capital to be compounded weekly Start date: 1st OCT 2018 End date: 31st DEC 2018 Max drawdown...
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    Basan Online

    Has anyone dealt with Basan Online? How about their service?
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    Creating a trading system from scratch

    This is thread on how to create an automated trading system from scratch (from absolutely scratch). From conceiving an idea to implementing it, getting feedback and improving it and even creating your own data sources (everything open source) This would be one big heck of a ride and you need to...
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    Python primer for Trading

    Hello everybody, This is just a Python Primer for getting started with trading. I would post a separate post in this thread for the basics so that you can reply back to the post in case of any details. The main purpose of this thread is to improve our efficiency in trading so that we can...
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    Robust, reliable and replicable strategy framework

    Hello everyone, Robust, reliable and replicable strategy framework Robust Could be statistically tested Can be used to generate live orders Compare performance against expected vs actual trades to spot out errors Easy to get started without too much technological stuff (installation and...
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    Myth or reality - 90 percent traders lose money

    I often hear across the fact that most traders (around 90 percent) , especially retail traders and investors, lose money. Is this real or its an over-exaggerated figure? One further extension is that institutional traders win and retail traders lose most of the time. Again, I am curious to know...
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    Python installation for trading

    I am starting this thread for installing Python on Windows/Linux since most traders find it difficult to get running. To begin with, I am just posting the necessary steps to get started. In case of any errors, post it along with your operating system and a screenshot of the error message so...