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    Ieod mcx crude

    Can someone share IEOD 1min data for mcx crude only if you subscribe to official datafeeder bcoz the data is more accurate with them
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    MCX realtime datafeed

    Any mcx realtime official datafeed other than globaldatafeeds?
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    ieod tick data for crude

    has anyone got IEOD TICK data for mcx crude ? Any idea where can i get atleast one month data
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    Unusual spikes in Nifty future volume

    9:44, 10:15, 12:03 in Nifty future 1min have unusual volume spikes which dont match with the options volume. The 1203 spike is very unusual. I use neotrade datafeeder and crosschecked with Kite charts, they show the same. Can someone look into this.
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    Flaky Internet? Heres the solution.

    Tool 1 - Speedify - This one is a full fledged one with two significant features being Channel bonding that helps in bonding two internet connections to offer combined speed. And the other IMPORTANTfeature being REDUNDANT that helps in making your connection highly reliable as it swithches to...
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    Signal reversal condition

    I have defined Buy Sell Conditions. Now i want to define one more condition for Sell if there is a Close below the Buy Candle. I am putting a sample code below. Now, whenever there is a close below the buy candle, i want the sell to occur. Its like reversing the failed buy trade...
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    How to get sound alerts in amibroker?

    With all the info ive gathered, I have been tinkering with the code to get sound alerts. All the time it falls short. Sometimes it shouts even when the candle is forming, or doesnt alert all the time or alerts only for a few instruments. I have zero coding knowledge. I have following...
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    Need IEOD of commodities

    can anyone give me Intraday End Of Day data of commodities for crude , copper for atleast 2 yrs. I need to backtest a few strategies. I think i can manage to get it for one year, but dont know about two years.