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    My swing trading Set up

    Hi all, its been more then 1 year since i started trading in equities and came across lot of strategies for intra day trading and swing trading but all were confusing. so what i did is picked up all the important technical indicators from all the strategies and made one strategy .currently i'm...
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    birla power

    hi, i need some suggestions from seniors, i had purchased birla power 1 month ago for .75 , 7k shares but past these days there is no movement in this script so shhould i sell it or keep it for some time ..please waiting for your favourable response
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    Penny stocks

    Hi, can anyone list me some good return and active penny stocks acc. to me some which im into are following: Shree ashtvinayak KS oils Vishesh info next media is any one has some list please share it
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    what should we look while trading in equity stock

    Hi , As im new in stock trading , just need to know what are the basic things that i had to take a note while trading in the market . please explain me about , BID quantity, ASK quantity, traded volume , as these are the words that are mentioned in my keat pro soft , wether these words have...
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    how to trade on NIFTY and SENSEX

    Hi to all seniors, Im new user to your forum and also to the stock market,these days im trading in equities now while reading your forum i had decided to invest in SEnSEX and NIFTY, now confusion is that how to do that , Im using kotak account and they had provided me with the KEAt pro...