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    Alternatives to Fixed Deposit

    Hello Friends, FD gives low interest rates. Is there anything else (not mutual funds) that is as safe as FD but with higher returns? Thanks so much.
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    Volume Analysis

    Hi, Is there any software or online tool that gives volume data every half hour or fifteen minutes etc. for NIFTY? Just to know how much or how little the volume has increased within a certain time-frame? Thanks.
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    Nifty Reversal

    Hi Friends, In both Nifty and Banknifty, I've noticed a trend. Correct me if I am wrong. Reversals usually take place from positive to negative. For instance, if nifty is 50 points up, it may reverse and become negative. But if nifty is 50 points down, it rarely reverses and becomes positive...
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    Options and Volume Analysis

    Hi, What does drastic volume increase entail? Let's consider nifty options. Let's say volume for 10000 PE is 2 lacs at 10am. At 10.30, let's say the volume is 5 lacs (More than double in half hour). Does that mean many people are buying 10000 PE at that point? Which means it's supposed to go...
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    Nifty Options

    Hi, Is there a limit to how many lots you can buy at Nifty options? For instance, if a certain strike price is around Rs. 10, you can even buy 50 lots. 1) Is that allowed? 2) While selling, will there be a problem such no buyers etc.? They talk of slippage and all that, so I am worried I may...