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    Is there a thing like an "honest broker"?

    Have you found any? :-)
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    Any experience with Justtrade? 2 of the plans in the following link say there is a margin money requirement. The branch staff and the call centre of the brokerage maintain that the margin money requirement is an initial...
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    Experiences:CanMoney/Zerodha/ CompositeEdge/ SBI Cap/ Justtrade?

    What are your experiences with these brokerages - CanMoney/Zerodha/ CompositeEdge/ SBI Cap/ Justtrade/ VNS on: If you have had an account with them, give 5 stars for excellent and 1 star for poor on the following parameters: 1. Integrity 2. Service 3. Accessibility Thanks.
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    Safe Broker?

    Would anyone recommend an honest one with a reasonable brokerage, not necessarily the cheapest? I want to look at the broker equivalent of Quantum (in mutual funds)