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    Please share your arbitration experience if any and in which city arbitration take place?

    If anyone had to go through arbitration - please share the experience - obviously it would be unpleasant but give details like did you have to travel from your city to Mumbai or ?? Who pays for this travel if you win the award? If you won the award the broker gives it right away or drama? Do...
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    Is there any broker providing leverage for NRML option selling?

    Like the title says..I am looking for a broker that provides leverage for NRML option selling (i.e carry overnight) I know most offer MIS leverage but I am asking about NRML orders.
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    Trade Smart Online

    Hello @TradeSmartOnline - I would like to know if you offer any leverage for nifty/bank-nifty option selling for NRML orders (carry position overnight till expiry) -
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    So brokers will not be able to provide leverage like before?

    I am not sure what will be change in leverage provided by brokers due to recent changes in rules. For example if broker was providing 10x margin for option selling ..after new rules they will not be able to provide leverage at all or they will be able to provide at reduced rate? i.e if I have...
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    Any experience with indiabulls dhanistocks - Rs. 500 unlimited?

    Rs. 500 unlimited trades per month in all segments .. Any one has experience with this ?
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    Wisdom Capital : Free Trade & Investment Zone.

    Any change about your leverage offering due to recent changes by SEBI?
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    What is your experience with wisdom capital

    Well they offer free for lifetime so bit skeptical but they are in business for long time now.. so wondering...please share your experience if any.
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    Please share your experience with tradeplus online

    Please share your experience with tradeplus online Their monthly 99 Rs. is interesting but also skeptical about how they make money.
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    Guys what is your experience about indianulls securities 500 Rs. per month plan

    Hello, I found this - What is your experience on this?
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    ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

    So NRo non pis client can only do FNO but he/she can not do intraday in cash segement? How about delivery in cash segment and how about positional FNO ?
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    Tradeplusonline - Your feedbacks?

    Zerodha and others have fixed DP charges but this tradeplus charge 0.02% of total value ..and you said they charged interest..did you buy shares with less than full value ? in that case they might have provided margin to help you buy at less value.
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    Tradeplusonline interest charges

    I think you might have used MTF they provide funding on which they charge interest. Did you buy some stocks without paying full value of those stocks i.e. in that case they might have provided margin.
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    Which discount broker is offering NRI trading in Derivatives now?

    If an NRI has an NRO account and only want to trade in FNO (both intraday and positional) he/she does not need PIS correct?
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    Broker for NRI

    It seems like you are an NRI client? if yes may I know if you have NRO or NRE/PIS account? Also what type of trading are you doing?
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    I did not understand what do you mean - you said Client needs to have margin to sell the stocks in Demat account?what do u mean by that?
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    @Finvasia Can you please explain leverage policy for intaday and overnight futures and options leverage policy? Under prizm for 2x it says not available so I guess you are not providing any leverage right now ? If you do provide leverage please mention how much interest you charge?
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    @Finvasia Can you please explain what will be change from Aug 1 2020 in terms of leverage. Sebi order says no additional intraday leverage but will it change anything at Finvasia (because to my understanding Finvasia does not offer any additional leverage anyway correct?)
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    Can you please confirm all AMO timing are still same as above?
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    Why/how option premium change so fast in indices ?

    I see there is very fast movement on options premium particularly bank nifty ...But how does this change work? I mean computers (algo) are doing this big volume trades or there are 100s of traders employed by big institutions are doing this ? Can someone explain?
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    Hello @Finvasia - how do we apply for Yesbank FPO?