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  1. Forextamil

    Which trading instruments trend the most?

    I like to know your opinions about which trading instruments that trend most, and have least ranging as possible. I am working with a strategy that will work best in a market that trend as much as possible. So I thought first about Gold, but high spread and many ranging made me hesitant, so I...
  2. Forextamil

    How to do this News Trading system?

    Hello friends, good morning to all, I would like to continue here News trading systems, news discussions, as dissapeared somehow from the FF forum. I asked forextamil to participate here in this thread with his deep knowledge to help people in their trading. He will publish here his trades...
  3. Forextamil

    How to choose the Different types of Forex Broker?

    Hi guys I think I have worked this out correctly but wanted to check it before settling on my broker. Assume all other things are equal, fund security, platform tech etc... Broker A Typical Spread - 1 Commission - $5 round trip (1 lot) Broker B Typical Spread - 0.6 Commission - $7 round trip...