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    Building Up A Portfolio At A 7000 Level

    Thanks a ton Supratik for taking time to view my portfolio and giving suggestions. I request you if you can look into one more stock. RCF : Rashtriya chemical entered on this one at 44 This comes under I think top 10 psu's. any views are a big welcome. Regards, Harry
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    Building Up A Portfolio At A 7000 Level

    Hi supratik, It was really nice to read your thread so much u have contributed. It really shows ur real and true effort its called giving. Great job dude. I have a request can u please look into my portfolio and kindly let me know what should be reduced and added to make it look more better...
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    Stock To Watch

    Hi Sachin, can you please tell me the future of Shivalik Global i had got shares from the IPO and also bought from market level at 59 then again bought around 45 have a good lot of this can you tell me what is the long term oulook for this counter. Regards, Harry
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    Good picks (date 29th oct 05)

    Hi, I belong to a long term class investor and had picked up Phonix lamp around 71 for long term thanx for this one and Mahindra Gesco at 272 levels and both of them gave me execellent returns....Gesco was ulitmate....I had a party:D Keep up d gud work...thanx to u man....... Cool...
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    Good picks (date 29th oct 05)

    Hi valu_trades, I picked up Mahindra Gesco at 280 but it was a good ride beleive me thank you once again now what do u think about this scrip how long shall i hold and as its fundamentally strong what do u suggest and also I picked Granuels also got at 110 do let me know about this also...
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    IL&FS Investmart

    Hi traderji, can you also suggest me about this broker if you have any information howz this broker for long term and what type of suggestion you will like to give me to open an account as i will be only doing over phone cause am a frequent traveller on which broker would you place you...
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    Confused - Sharekhan vs Icicidirect vs Hdfc vs Kotak vs Indiabulls vs 5paise

    Thank You all for the quick reply But I dont have a broker now with me only have a local broker where i have my holding. Just had a word with few people they told me two brokers can be considered 1) ShareKhan 2) IL&FS Investmart Both are ok I checked both the sites but not much...
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    Pick Up Gems

    Hi to all, am a new type of inverstor can u please tell me about SRF am holding it from 250 market price and dabur i bought at 162 any advice on this. Thank you
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    Confused - Sharekhan vs Icicidirect vs Hdfc vs Kotak vs Indiabulls vs 5paise

    Hi everyone, As I am still to open an account I read lot of threads regarding online brokers. Out of much thinking and decesions I picked up sharekhan Indiabulls and 5 paisa. But after reading bad market report of Indiabulls am scared of this broker now reamins sharekhan and 5 paisa. can u...