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    TCS shares buyback

    Can somebody help with the procedure for applying for buybacks from demat ac
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    Petition-RBI Governor: About Bank Charges and other Banking Practices

    HDFC is overcharging customers .Have you seen their locker charges?
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    My trading & charts

    which of the two Sun Pharma or HUL are good to buy for a year
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    ONGC share split price

    I had 100 shares of ONGC before how many will I be possessing now post split
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    Portfolio review request post Demonetisation market

    I want to know which is better option for short term:FD,ultra short term debt fund or liquid funds.advantages and disadvantages
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    Advisories - Caution

    What about the stocks mentioned by Varinder in CNBC TV18?
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    Day Traders Lounge.

    chandrashekhar 8th PM of India
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    how can i get health insurance ?

    Health insurance offered by nationalised banks are good,can have a look at them
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    M6 - Man, Mind, Money, Markets, Method & Madness

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    Direct Investment in Mutual Funds

    How can a person working in UAE invest in mutual fund in India.What is the procedure
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    Discussion on Economic and Political News and Views

    disguistingly shameful! wonder which century we're living in!
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    My 2nd innings with stocks

    is it a good idea to buy colgate-palmolive for a long term .there is stiff competition from baba ramdev's patanjali
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    Pro Advisory Championship

    the market analysts on TV should talk about the stocks they own instead of giving advise on all stocks
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    Pro Advisory Championship

    I am waiting eagerly to find out how much do the regular TV guys know and where they stand: whether they'll be exposed or make money
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    Stocks that are in uptrend but never talked about in news or by brokers

    Yes please reveal the stocks and the source from where we can identify them
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    Hello, gains during pre-open

    good qs.i'm also keen on knowing how?
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    speak to me

    how is Intellect Design Arena for a long term investment
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    Stocks for Investment in 2014 for medium term 1-3 years

    Is it the right time to buy MNC stocks .if so which are the best picks?
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    General Trading Chat

    Can anyone suggest an easy to understand and in simple words a book on trading
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    General Trading Chat

    Very well said .it helps boost the morale