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  1. Sagarocks432

    Method to Test AfL for Repainting.

    My Unique Method to test AFL for Repainting. There r 2 types of repaint Pre-Repaint- afl gives signal today but it gets shift next day if conditions r more favorable . E.g Higher high,Lower low afl.:lol: Post-Repaint- afl will wait for conditions n when they r met it gives signal 2 days...
  2. Sagarocks432

    Please correct this afl

    Please correct this afl SetChartOptions(2,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates|chartWrapTitle); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); //GfxGradientRect( 180, 30, 1759, 735, ColorRGB(40,40,40), ColorRGB(0,0,40) ); GfxSetOverlayMode(1); GfxSelectPen( ColorRGB(150,0,0), 1 )...
  3. Sagarocks432

    Why amibroker dont support Moving average greater than 300?

    Why amibroker dont support Moving average greater than 300? When I click on chart parameter and increase the period for MA it goes max to 300. Even when I have more than 2000 candles. And I also tried by editing formula and increasing the value of Periods = Param("Periods", 400, 2, 400, 1, 10 )...
  4. Sagarocks432

    How to declare array in amibroker afl?

    How to Store Moving avg in array in amibroker afl? When I store number directly to the array afl accepts. f[0] = 16; f[1] = 2; f[3] = 77; f[4] = 40; f[5] = 12071; But when I store moving average in array it rejects. DM[1] = MA(Close,10); DM[2]= MA(Close,25); DM[3]= MA(Close,50); How...
  5. Sagarocks432

    Plot a graph as indicator

    Hello guys, I want to plot a graph as indicator with following conditions. 1) Price of candles should b a line. [5 min timeframe] 2) Line2 should be above [with small gap] price line which will b green if Stochastic[15 min] is +ve , else Red. This line wont contain the actual value of...
  6. Sagarocks432

    Timframe in Afl Function.

    Hello Guys, I am using following code for intraday scanning , it works fine. But when I want to use it for Daily , I am unable to code this please help. function MyMTFfunc( timeframe, expandmode ) { TimeFrameSet( timeframe ); a = StochK( periods = 14, ksmooth = 3 ); b =...
  7. Sagarocks432

    Import txt data In Amibroker.

    Hello Friends I Have Intraday data of Nifty [call 8300] in txt format. But when I import in Amibroker using Import wizard and then clearly mention all the column [Date,Time,Close,Open,High,Low,Volume]. it generate error in all lines with blank chart. Error is " Close price must b positive" And...
  8. Sagarocks432

    How to change timeframe for this code [Supertrend 3]?

    I have this code of Supertrend 3, when I run it on scanner of Amibroker. It always search for 5min signals only. Can you change it to 15min and daily timeframe so that it works n give signal based on new timeframe? Which line of code determine the timeframe. Please Help..:confused: //Removed...
  9. Sagarocks432

    Which are gud indicators for Volume.?

    Hello Friends, I research on technical analysis daily and I can justify major movements of market.:D But not able to to justify movement of Volume.:( Can u please suggest some good indicators from which I can justify and predict a little bit movement of Volume???? :) Also tell which is best and why!
  10. Sagarocks432

    How to get Intraday data of Sensex(India) for amibroker.?

    How to get Intraday data of Sensex(India) for amibroker.?
  11. Sagarocks432

    How to open excel file in amibroker.?

    I have excel file [.xlsx] which contain sensex EOD of 2 years. It has 5 columns with Date,Close,Open,High,Low,Volume. I want to open it in amibroker such that it show candle stick chart from that data. How is it possible?
  12. Sagarocks432

    How to get Current Price in afl?

    How to get Current(Live) Price in afl? I already tried Close, Getrtdata , and Lastvalue. None works as close gives price at the end of the candle Getrtdata works only on real time Last value works same as close. Suppose for 5min candles I want price at 11.03 am which is actually after...
  13. Sagarocks432

    How to get EOD of Sensex(India) for amibroker.?

    How to get EOD of Sensex(India) for amibroker.? :cool:
  14. Sagarocks432

    How one variable stores multi-timeframe values?

    I know that when working on multitime frame we perform operation seperatelty within Timeframeset and Timeframerestore. But how to perform such calculation which stores value of multi-time frame. TimeFrameSet(in5Minute); m=MACD(12,26); n=Signal(12,26,9); a= StochK( periods = 14, ksmooth=3 )...
  15. Sagarocks432

    Ref function not working properly.

    I am trying on a code which contains ref function. But when I take ref function as -1 it count it as 5 candles and give scan result after 5 candles. Even when I divide it by 5 it wont work properly. I tried in 3 diff version of amibroker. Kindly help :confused: TimeFrameSet(in5Minute); a...
  16. Sagarocks432

    Custom Indicator for stochastic in amibroker

    Plotted lines as indicator in amibroker value changes as scroll bar moves? I had plotted 2 lines as indicator in amibroker. Suppose vaule at 10am is 20 but when i move the scroll bar it changes to 50 and all the line value changes when scroll bar moves. How to correct this problem...
  17. Sagarocks432

    How to update existing database on backfilling in amibroker.

    I have amibroker 5.5 when I have Intraday data for suppose NCC script. from 20.3.2015 to 25.3.2015. Now when I backfill the data from external data feeder software (RT) to amibroker from 26.3.2015 to 30.3.2015 . It dont update it , it replace new data from old data. So data from 20 to 25march...
  18. Sagarocks432

    Why this code is not working on amibroker

    plz remove this post Can any1 tell me how to delete your own post from this forum???
  19. Sagarocks432

    Circuit breaking Sudden Drop in price

    Can anyone tell me why in some company have a sudden drop of price [40% to 500%] in a single day . My question is this if somebody had shares on that company on delivery then he will be totally pissed off. How to know this before it happens?
  20. Sagarocks432

    How to merge Eod and Intraday data in amibroker??

    I have seperate data for eod and intraday for a single scrip . How can i merge it into one. Such that when i right click on chart I can change easily daily to intraday mode