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    Omnitrader in India

    There is and it is purchasable in india... just got omni2009...
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    hiii.. wanted some help with trendrider... any clue/???

    hiii.. wanted some help with trendrider... any clue/???
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    Test My set Up

    you can still sen dme yr current setup u use.... i justgot on d thread for forex... which broker u choose to trade and whts d spread he chrges/??? is 20pips normal or on higher side for d same
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    Test My set Up

    i have an interbank account... care to send meyr setup ..alo discuss wht indictaros u using
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    Karthik's short term calls

    Hi karthik WElcome to the family.. u said u give calls based on TA cld u plz tell us which r the key indicators u use and r u frm ami family or mtastock family..Here we wld love 2 learn the art of fishing than the fish itself :-) hope to hear frm u Regards Shubh
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    Training in Trading & Investing

    anyone wants 2 pool resourses n do the ashwani gujral course...lemme know
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    New Intermed Uptrend!!

    Re: Can anybody help sell 75/100 take out d money u invested plus yr basic 7% return hold forever forrget abt it..loook for fresh area 2 invest..go fundamentally if u an investor
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    One afl for EOD and Tick rate Intraday

    GUYSS hes a fake and a fraud for all we know hes using freaking paint brush to make it and pasting..plz dnt give this freak more attention . if he really had anythin worthwhile he wld have already shared but it happens being ignored n left out all his life.. bullied at real...
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    Jp Associate Down Like A Rocket

    dude even 399.9~400 close means 2000 from 2156 so its a correction none the defenitely some sellin has come its down 7.2 %comparedto 2% on index .its quite a sell of..plz dnt mislead d sentiments
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    Ranbaxy..Purely on Technicals as a trading IDEA

    Could you plz elaborate on that... rather than making a vague statemnet..plz
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    Ranbaxy..Purely on Technicals as a trading IDEA

    Ranbxy firing with all speed ahead...... plz i really hope some seniors TA advise as to how 2 continu e playin this stock.. iam think of selling one 450 call @ 5 rs as i have one 400call@ 16.3
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    Ranbaxy..Purely on Technicals as a trading IDEA

    Dude i didnt really get wht u said.. ill tell u wht i got tht it needs 2 cross 420-24 level with volumes .. else what????whih gap???
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    Ranbaxy..Purely on Technicals as a trading IDEA

    First chart..Rounding bottom plus the MACD is positive Second chart the 10dma cuttin 200dma and Price finally crossed 200dma resiistance so turns postive
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    Ranbaxy..Purely on Technicals as a trading IDEA

    Heyyy all u gr8 TA.. plz yr esteemed views on RANBAXY as a TRADING idea... i think the stock has bottomed out n shown a rounding bottom patter( acc 2 me) ..ill attach my charts so as to define my reasoning as well Will really appreciate yr feedback n d same Shubh
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    Stocks To Keep A Close Eye On

    Try Ranbaxy..
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    I can help you with stock chart reading

    Hey AM new to TA .. am attachin a chart of ranbaxy.. daily view.. plz see if u experts cn see a rounding bottom...if so wht trgts..
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    Experiments in Technical Analysis

    Sir I had sent u pvt message even left d same on your yahoo messenger but dint get reply on either.... Well wht i was saying was tht read yr article on MACD.. Still reading infact . n u re amazing..Maybe you should write a book or something..Lemme know rather upload if u have done d same for...
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    My Stop Loss was the least for the day for two stocks, it it just a co-incident?

    Firstly ur broker cant do it. check d nse or bse website for official confirmation..a very simple suggestion next time u want to use 202.15 as a sl put 201.85 or 201.80.. it happens ..can empthaise with you.. the other day i was short in nifty an gave a atoploss of 5895 my broker put triiger...
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    Sensex is going down.....

    Sir would be glad if you could please send or post the k39 afl.. Also lemme know which are key indictaors u use Regards Shubh
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    Need Help for Composite MACD

    Hitesh thanks a lot for yr promt reply.. just some clairifications there are two lines one is green/red the otehr is blue/black.... which ones is teh signal n which one is the macd and how to trade on tht biasis Also i had read much abt n was keen on using MACD divergence so if u can tell...